Why you should stop doing what you've always done

The start of a new year is a time for reflection and making personal resolutions.

Companies should also reflect and evaluate their performance from the past year. What worked? What fell short? This is often easier said than done, but it’s an extremely valuable practice. Knowing where your company has been will help provide direction for where it should go. Assessing various parts of your company — and implementing the necessary changes — will help create a better experience for your customers and improve your bottom line.

How can you best serve your customers?
From content marketing to customer service, we help our clients evaluate their plans and processes to make sure they are being the best company they can be for their customers. Here are some of the areas of opportunity on our radar:

Many brands are embracing content marketing. No longer does a sales person go door-to-door. Customers want product information and answers to their questions before ever talking to a sales person. Making your company a resource with engaging content in various formats and on multiple platforms will draw those customers to you. Take a look at what content you’re currently creating. Is it meeting customers’ needs? How can it be more effective?

Go to Market
When, where, and how customers want to receive company information may change year-over-year. Do they read industry magazines or follow your brand on social media? Do they respond to offers mailed to their home or click through your email communications? Evaluate your current efforts and consider what new opportunities might better reach your customers.

Getting products out the door (or warehouse) quickly is key to customer satisfaction. Can your process be more efficient? Companies can evaluate their inventory, ordering, and shipping processes to find where efficiencies can be gained. Other internal processes may also benefit from an evaluation. What can be documented to streamline a process? Ensuring all employees follow the same procedures will allow for a more unified and improved customer experience.

How can we best serve our clients?
We take our own advice. Two Rivers Marketing is constantly evaluating how we can best serve our clients, and we recently found a few areas of opportunity:


Video Production Room


As our video team and capabilities continue to grow, so do the number of clients who crave video content. We realized we needed a dedicated, private space for client viewing, editing, and discussion. We now host clients in our video suite to do these things apart from the hustle and bustle of our office.


The need for more insights has also continued to grow, with no signs of stopping. Our marketing insights team changed accordingly with the addition of a data analyst who helps tell the story behind the numbers. Evaluating our staffing levels and expertise allows us to meet the needs of our clients.

We also take a look at the evaluation and reporting tools we use such as Moz, RivalIQ, Tableau, and Dataroma. New products are coming to the marketplace and current ones are being improved and updated. Keeping an open mind to evaluating these tools allows us to provide the most value to our clients.

As times change, your company may need to change, too. Doing what you’ve always done may not be the best option anymore. Don’t know where to start? We’re here to help. Send in the Contact Us form (or contact your Two Rivers team member), and we’ll be in touch.

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