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Since 1998, Stromasys has provided the world’s leading organizations with a better way to break free from the growing risks associated with legacy hardware maintenance. When Stromasys started working with Two Rivers Marketing, the company needed to elevate their website to fuel growth and match the technical expertise they offer to clients. The website provided a poor user experience while holding back Stromasys from initiating a proactive digital marketing strategy. The site looked dated and did not present the image of a leading technology company. Also, the site organization was too product-focused versus a more optimal benefit-driven or solutions-based approach. The website infrastructure made it difficult to update and optimize content for search engines. Finally, new martech integrations were needed to enable enhanced digital marketing strategies.

two side-by-side screenshots of stromasys website before redesign project



Two Rivers led Stromasys through a three-phase process, covering all aspects from planning to implementation.

Planning and Discovery

The planning and discovery phase culminated with Two Rivers facilitating a collaborative vision board session with Stromasys. The session was intended to clarify the scope for the website design and development and to document site requirements. Together, Stromasys and Two Rivers defined target audience groups, user needs along the buyer journey, company goals, and product information requirements.

Leading up to the vision board session, Two Rivers conducted extensive research to inform the discussion with Stromasys, including a client input session, website analytics and UX review, website content audit, tech stack audit, and keyword research assessment. Opportunities to improve site organization and content were summarized and presented to Stromasys.

UX Strategy and Design

To start the redesign process, Two Rivers worked with Stromasys to establish master wireframe templates for different page types. The wireframes were followed by a functional design prototype that established the look and feel of pages and on-screen elements, including text hover states, buttons, links, and much more.

In conjunction with the design prototype, Two Rivers developed a site map and performance measurement plan. The measurement plan translated top-line business objectives into metrics and dimensions to measure across the site. Additionally, it provided a framework for martech and pixel integrations as well as customized configuration of web analytics.

Development and Content Creation

With blueprints in hand from the previous phases, Two Rivers started to develop the new site, which was built on Craft CMS. New content was created and several technology implementations were made prior to deployment, including Pardot forms, Intercom Chatbot, Lead Forensics, OneTrust, Google Tag Manager, and GA4.

brainstorm notes under categories like vision, target group, user needs, business goals and product]



In addition to better representing the Stromasys brand with a streamlined content management system, the new site offers an upgraded user experience and site content that made a difference in site performance right away. Google Analytics for the three-month period following the launch of the new site showed improvements in site engagement across several measures, including:

  • More engaged sessions, resulting in a higher overall engagement rate
  • Increased average engagement time per session
  • Increased user actions (events) per session
desktop and laptop computers displaying redesigned stromasys website
two screenshots of redesigned stromasys landing pages

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