Miller Electric mfg. co.

Welders are a passionate lot. They love their work and the tools they use to get the job done. Two Rivers helps North America’s leading welding equipment brand tell those stories in a way that is reshaping the conversation in a long-established industry.




Sometimes welding means more than just attaching two pieces of metal together. For the welders at Textron Systems, where they manufacture troop transports for the U.S. military, that is certainly the case.




The website is the hub for all aspects of the WE BUILD campaign. It allows the people at Miller to measure everything, while participating in the conversation with their customers.



Print Advertising

It’s not about the welding equipment. It’s about the welder and the work they do with the welding equipment. This award-winning campaign for Miller celebrates the world-changing work done by Miller customers.



A Social Media Success Story

Building a brand through social media takes daily dedication, tons of planning, and the ability to adapt on the fly to take advantage of changes in the market.



Email Marketing

Carrying the brand through these ongoing communication channels helps Miller reach hundreds of thousands of customers and prospects each month.