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2020 is officially here and we couldn’t be more excited. To celebrate the arrival of a new year, we’re taking a look at our ten most popular 2019 blog posts. From winning resume writing tips to music festival reviews, enjoy these elite selections from the Two Rivers Marketing team.

1. How to create buyer personas that work for your company

Take a deep dive into our seven-step process for creating your company’s ideal buyer persona.

2. 6 grammar rules to break for your marketing content

You’ve got to know the rules before you break them, so here are six tips to get you started.

3. How to convince your sales team to use LinkedIn

Social media plays a huge role in the ever-evolving world of sales. It’s time to convince your team to get in the game.

4. Mean what you say: The difference between brand voice and tone

What you say and how you say it can help unify your brand. Learn why the right language matters.

5. Exploring the best hiking and bike trails in Iowa

There’s a reason that people call Iowa the exercise state! (They don’t really.) Join us on an adventure through our state’s best hiking paths and bike trails.

6. Best Iowa music festivals: Why you need to check them out

Nothing gets our creative juices flowing like a catchy tune! That’s why we put together a list of our favorite Iowa music festivals for you to check out.

7. Resume writing tips for landing that marketing agency job

Want to be the one writing our blog posts instead of reading them? Check out our tips on how to land your agency dream job.

8. How to remove fluff from your B2B content

No more confusing buzzwords. We’re getting straight to the point with B2B content.

9. Responsive logos: a new way to think about your brand

Your logo is the first thing your customers experience. See how its role is changing.

10. Find your happy place with Iowa summer activities

Bike rides, art festivals, and beer releases. Get our full list of the best ways to spend your summer in Iowa.