Devices on social media showing likes, hearts and engagements.

The transformation of social media from platform to business tool has been an exciting experience for those working in marketing. Within the past few years alone, the social media evolution has created limitless learning opportunities for those working in the field. We asked our social media team, from coordinator to senior strategist, to reflect on lessons they’ve learned over the past few years.

Ava Whitthauer

Ava Whitthauer, Senior Social Media Strategist

What once began as a way to update your closest friends has evolved into the world’s outlet for news, connectivity, and entertainment. Each year it is impressive to see social media become more impactful, and the past few years have pushed that threshold. Having a career in the social media industry allows marketers to make a difference in the world through social media initiatives. Whether it’s creating resources, providing excellent customer service, or constructing an escape through entertaining content, I’m constantly in awe of the fresh outlook and new opportunities social media and emerging platforms bring to society and look forward to what's to come.

Blake Acri

Blake Acri, Social Media Specialist

Social media has taught me to always stay on my toes! Features and policies on popular platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, are always changing, which calls for quick action and procedure updates. New social media platforms, like TikTok, and features, like Twitter Spaces and Instagram Reels and Video, have changed how we use all platforms. And we have to learn quickly to produce the best type of content for our clients.

Hope Wilson

Hope Wilson, Social Media Specialist

In my years working in social media, the most important lesson I’ve learned is to keep an open mind. The most effective platforms and content for one audience may be absolutely wrong for another — there’s simply no “one size fits all” method in social media marketing. Meeting audiences where they are, analyzing post performance, and determining what messaging does and doesn’t work are sometimes more important than implementing trends for trends’ sake. Though it's been said before, I'll say it again: One of the most important lessons learned is to be flexible in the ever-changing field of social media.

Jess Manthe

Jess Manthe, Social Media Specialist

The past few years as a social media marketer have been a rollercoaster. The ever-changing landscape of social media saw conversations around major events happening in real time. For a marketer working for brands, it has become increasingly important to recognize when brand content is out of place in feeds and have empathy for those directly impacted by the conversations happening online.

Jess Millan

Jess Millan, Social Media Coordinator

One thing I’ve learned working in social media is to always have your eyes peeled. It’s exciting to know that nothing in social media will ever stay the same. You’re always learning something new; whether it be a platform or a strategy. Social media is always changing and evolving. I’ve learned to intentionally stay up to date on trends and monitor what other brands are participating in and how. Enjoy the ride and take risks!

Kaylee Weycker

Kaylee Weycker, Social Media Specialist

It always excited me that working in social media would involve constant learning, but my first takeaway has been to never get comfortable! Algorithms will forever be evolving, the interfaces you’re working with will always be changing, and policies will perpetually be updating. Always keep your fingers on the pulse of what’s trending because what might be a quirky consumer trend can quickly become a way to highlight a product or service offering. Everything you’re doing — from content that’s being created to how you’re scheduling — will always be evolving. Embrace the changes!

Liz Warner

Liz Warner, Social Media Specialist

Working in social media the last few years has taught me to always be paying attention. Even when I am on social media for fun or to relax, I’m constantly scanning the environment and learning about new trends, mistakes, or wins that others may be making, as well as noticing changes on social media that could impact clients. It has increased my attention to detail ten-fold — I have learned to appreciate other brands’ social posts so much more. Social media managers, we see you!

Norah Carroll

Norah Carroll, Associate Social Media Director

My favorite thing about working in social media is that the social media landscape is constantly changing — and that has never been more true than in the past few years! The biggest change I've noticed is that brands now need to use even more tools in their social media "toolbox" to reach and engage their audiences. It's no longer enough for brands to publish engaging posts — the brands that are most successful on social media also have distinct strategies for leveraging stories, short-form video, audio, and more to tell their stories. As social media marketers, it's up to us to be fluent in each of these content formats so we can help our clients understand how best to use them to evolve their social media initiatives.

Keeping on your toes, a finger on the pulse, your eyes peeled — no matter how it’s stated, it’s clear that the ever-changing social media landscape demands a team of marketers who are not just following the evolution of social media but engaging with it and driving it. Does that sound like a team you want to be a part of? Then you might be our next senior social media strategist.