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If you’re a marketer, you’ve probably thought about working for an agency at one time or another. While the agency world has long had a work-hard-play-hard reputation, it doesn’t have to be that way. Exciting projects and interesting clients can exist without late nights and burnout. We believe 2RM is proof that you can have your agency cake and eat it too.

Benefits of Working at a Marketing Agency

Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned marketer, an agency like 2RM is the perfect place to learn. That’s because you’re regularly working with multiple departments and people who are experts in their fields. This can help you find your niche in the vast marketing landscape or simply become a more rounded marketer. Additionally, working across departments infuses a strong team mentality and helps you form lasting connections. You’ll also find managers who are invested in your development and want to see you grow and advance.

Agencies are known for keeping things interesting. As a 2RM associate, you work on multiple accounts and get exposure to different industries and trends. And of course, there is always room to have fun. From tapping the break room keg to shooting hoops to forming a book club, there are plenty of ways to let loose at 2RM.

Hear From 2RM Associates

Working at an agency is pretty great, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s what 2RM associates love about agency life:

I love that while everyone at the agency always gives 100% to their work, they also know the importance of having fun. It's a joy to be around such lively people every day. 
— Jess Manthe

Having a supportive boss and being a part of an amazing digital team.
— Nestor Barrera

All the perks and the overall vibe of our office.
— Laura Stewart

The people!
— Michelle Wallace

The flexibility we get with our hybrid work model.
— Noelle Haas

Having a leadership team that is focused on the associates.
— Stacy Watrous

Perks like responsible time off.
— Katie Alexander

Being able to have a good work-life balance.
— Ryan Johnson

The relationships I've built with my team and the opportunity to work across a diverse mix of clients.
— Elianna Novitch

The casual dress and laid back work environment.
— Nik McIlwain

Unique benefits like our Employee Stock Ownership Plan.
— Lisa Niebuhr

 Being part of a growing agency.
— Rachel Adams

Getting an email about food in the break room. Just kidding, it's the people!
— Liz Smith

Start Loving What You Do

If you’re looking for a work environment where you can learn, connect, create, and innovate, an agency like 2RM might be the right fit for you. Browse our open positions and apply today!