National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day and Two Rivers Marketing traditions.

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day on August 4 is one of our favorite days at Two Rivers. Sure, it gives us an excuse to enjoy a tasty treat that’s an American tradition. But it also reminds us of workplace traditions right here at 2RM! Some are for special occasions, others occur annually, and some happen all year long. Our traditions and company culture are some of many things that make Two Rivers Marketing a great place to work! But back to those chocolate chip cookies …

Chocolate Chip Cookie Baby Announcements

In 2001, early in our second year as an agency, founding associate Jill VanDerPol announced that she was expecting the birth of her son Max. He was the first baby born to a Two Rivers associate, so we brought chocolate chip cookies to the office in celebration! To this day, whenever a batch of chocolate chip cookies appears in the breakroom, we know an associate has a bundle of joy on the way.

Associate Anniversary Caricatures

We look forward to quarterly associate meetings! They’re when we introduce new team members, share kudos, and celebrate associate anniversaries. One year at 2RM gets you a professionally sketched caricature: It’s shown to everyone at the meeting, often to smiles and laughter. The longer you’re at 2RM, the more we celebrate you. Anniversary perks like gift cards, lunches with our president, and even a two-week sabbatical are all part of our company culture.

Kelsi Cyper celebrating her one year aniversary.

Office Escapes

We love our cool East Village workspace — but we also love getting away from it now and then. That’s why outings are a regular thing at 2RM! We’ll hit an I-Cubs game and hit the road to Adventureland or the Iowa State Fair. (Rumor has it there’s also an “unofficial” annual bike ride to legendary watering hole Cumming Tap, but don’t quote us.)

Two Rivers Marketing associates attending the annual Cubs outing.
Two Rivers associates at the annual Cubs outing.

Rec Thursdays

Why should the last day of the work week get all the glory? We give “Friday Junior” some love by knocking off early on the last Thursday of every month. Our break room keg gets tapped, we get together for socializing, and the weekend seems to start a bit earlier!

Bring Your Dog to Work Days

Dogs make everything better. That’s why we make it easy to have canine companionship in the office! For a small donation to one of the many charities 2RM supports, associates can pick a day to bring in a furry friend.

Jenny celebrating "Bring Your Dog to Work" day.

Thanks to National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day for reminding us of some favorite company traditions. Want to learn more? Check out our careers page for info about other 2RM perks, benefits — and open positions too. We’re hiring!