You’re probably tired of hearing us say this, but it’s true — there’s something unique about working at an agency. And it’s even more unique when that agency is Two Rivers Marketing.

“Have fun and enjoy our time together” is the very first tenant in our list of core values. We spend a big chunk of every week in the office with our colleagues, and if we’re going to spend that much time together, shouldn’t it be a good time?

During the nearly two decades since our founding, our associates created and cultivated the culture that defines our agency. As we’ve grown from 17 founding associates to nearly 160 today, that culture has adapted and grown with us.

And while we all work together to enrich our culture every day, there are those among us who are stellar examples of what Two Rivers is all about. Which is why it’s high-time we recognize our associates who truly embody the spirit of the agency.

With that, we’d like to introduce the Gold Fish Culture Award.

Swimming upstream

Jill Levins winning Goldfish Award

A goldfish symbolizes good fortune. And at Two Rivers, associates recognized with the Gold Fish Culture Award symbolize all the good they bring to our culture.

Our Gold Fish show their mettle by challenging the current and living the Two Rivers values to create a more stimulating, enjoyable, and rewarding work environment.

They build the agency’s brand and legacy through participating in groups, activities, special events, or volunteering. They’re proud of being a Two Rivers associate and are connected to the agency’s values and history.

Gold Fish support the agency by performing the intangibles that make it a great place to work. They foster friendships, camaraderie, and community by supporting agency-wide goals and initiatives. They’re always present and engaged.

Gold Fish root for their peers to succeed. They celebrate others’ good tries, even when they fail. They help us grow by referring potential associates for job openings to assist in hiring the best people and placing them in positions they like.

Gold Fish constantly seek better ways of doing things and encourage others to always do the right thing for the client and the agency.

The first fish

Though they may be small, it’s no little thing to be crowned a Gold Fish. And we couldn’t think of anyone better to receive the inaugural Gold Fish Culture Award than Jill Levins, art director and associate since our establishment in 2000.

If there’s an agency event — be it formal or informal — you can find Jill there, likely kicking things off with her signature whistle. She’s a leader on her team and during internal initiatives, such as our annual spring cleaning.

Jill is always willing to step in and help out, whether that means working up or down. She’s a go-to resource for everything from design work to agency matters to project processes.

She’s basically the Two Rivers oral historian and is always bringing new associates up to speed on stories from the early days (most of which she played a role in). Not to mention, she keeps an eye out for what needs attending to around the agency — we don’t know when it happened, but she established herself as the agency plant caretaker.

Bottom line, Jill is everything a Gold Fish should be, and we’re proud she’s leading us in challenging the current everyday at Two Rivers.

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