Q&A: Ways Senior Level Pros Can Help Associates Grow

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Q&A: Ways Senior Level Pros Can Help Associates Grow

Two Rivers Marketing

Two Rivers Marketing
Oct 20, 2021

What I Wish They Knew Career Advice

Curious what young professionals and emerging leaders want from senior pros to help them grow and thrive in their careers? We asked several of our associates to share their thoughts on how more experienced colleagues can help them and others in their position succeed. See what tips they have for senior pros in any industry.

What I wish older/senior level pros knew

Caroline Havekost

Caroline Havekost, Account Supervisor, Channel Marketing:

I believe younger, emerging leaders aren’t just looking for formal training and education, but also for those more ‘real-life’ teaching moments and examples. For instance, getting a behind-the-scenes look and background on what goes into an all-company email. What's the thought process and decision tree that goes behind it? Or how do you handle a tough conversation with a colleague or client? Allowing younger associates to observe those interactions among senior leaders is so valuable. It can really shape that person as they move forward in their career.

Erin Fry

Erin Fry, Senior Social Media Strategist:

As a young professional, workplace friendships and camaraderie are important to me. While I value working hard on our projects and growing professionally, I also value taking the time to connect on a personal level. Whether that's by talking about our weekend plans for the first couple of minutes of a Friday meeting, socializing during happy hour, or sending each other posts on Instagram after hours, I want to develop friendships with coworkers.

Ben Miles

Ben Miles, Data Analyst:

My favorite quote on leadership is, “If you can fill everyone with enthusiasm, they will do everything for you and enjoy doing it.” I think it’s important that senior-level pros are still able to be in touch with the members of your team. I think we all strive to enjoy the work we do and do that work well. By doing things like building the team up, promoting good tries, and just getting to know people on a more personal level, senior-level employees are able to build a much better rapport with one another. I think that improves morale and the desire to do good work.

Liz Smith

Liz Smith, Media Planner/Buyer:

Mentorship! Younger associates can really benefit from mentorship and professional development from our supervisors and senior-level pros. Speaking for myself, that’s something I really value — I think it helps me understand both my job and the industry more.

Bennett Ford

Bennett Ford, Project Coordinator:

There's no denying that at some point, as they grow up, each emerging generation has this collective appreciation for history and things of the past. More often than not, there's something of value, something important learned that comes from looking at things of the past. The mistakes seem so black and white, as well as the solutions to those mistakes.

Every single seasoned veteran in our office could name somebody in a matter of seconds who was influential and integral to their success as a young professional. Please know we want that same experience. We want that person in our corner. Listen. Empathize. Share your stories. Learn from each other and grow together.

Wow! Amazing input from some amazing associates. At Two Rivers Marketing, we value how senior pros and our emerging leaders connect and hear what each other has to say — whether it’s through regular one-on-one meetings or casual touch bases throughout the week. And the advice goes both ways. Some of our senior-level associates shared their feedback on what they wish they had known when they were younger. Check it out!

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