Two Rivers Marketing is celebrating our 20th anniversary in 2020. (That’s a lot of 2s to celebrate!) Thanks to our valued associates and clients, our agency has grown rapidly over the years. As a result of this growth, we expanded our in-house capabilities and expertise, and repositioned our agency services to help our clients connect with their customers in new, exciting ways.

After a major growth spurt in 2019, it became clear the Two Rivers Marketing brand no longer reflected who we are as an agency. We faced the same challenge that we’ve helped many of our clients with over the years — as a company grows, its brand gets left behind. So we took a fresh look at telling the world who we are, what we stand for, and what it’s like to do business with us.

Walking through the same rebranding process that we conduct for our roster of global B2B and B2C clients, our team of strategists, creative directors, art directors, copywriters, and digital experts went to work to identify a new brand persona (personality) for our agency and research global agency and branding trends.

Our new brand identity came to life out of one big idea: since our specialty is helping our clients own the 2 — the relationship between their brand and their customers — and our name is, after all, Two Rivers Marketing, we’ve positioned ourselves as The Center of B2B and B2C.

Our new visual identity expresses the intent of being a bolder version of ourselves. The new 2RM brand is direct, bold, and vibrant — furthering our position as a leading, smart, strategic, and growing agency. Our new logo, a multi-faceted hex, represents our ability to create order out of complexity. Deliberate, thoughtful problem solvers — that’s who we are and what we bring to our client relationships.

Now that you’re here, take a look around and explore our new website. Like what you see? Let’s talk about how we can help you tell your unique story. And own the 2.