The intro to OUTSIDE magazine’s list of the Best Places to Work identifies the key to getting on the list: “empowering employees to live bigger, better lives.” That’s definitely the case here at Two Rivers Marketing, and we are proud to have made this list the last two years.

As an employee-owned company, the “empowering employees” part is easy. We all have the opportunity — the responsibility — to make our workplace better every day, because we own it. One of our agency’s values, written largely across a wall, is “Throw out the old rules, and give people the freedom to do the right thing for the client.” We live that.

But what makes Two Rivers worthy of the list is the second part: “live bigger, better lives.” We all need to work to support ourselves, but when a workplace can have a positive influence on other aspects of our lives, that makes it a great place to work. From a variety of health and wellness initiatives to social and recreational opportunities with colleagues, to a strong focus on that elusive work/life balance, we take personal improvement seriously, as well.

It makes it easy to live up to our priority as an agency: “If we take care of our associates, they’ll take care of our clients.”

Scan through our blog posts to read how our associates are sharing their knowledge and expertise to improve the agency and our clients. Watch our associate John Krantz in a video blog about work/life balance here at Two Rivers. Follow us on Facebook to see how we mix some fun into our work and give back to the community. Apply for a job. Live a bigger, better life.