The Association of Equipment Manufacturers logo over a photo of Washington, D.C.

Electric-powered equipment. Transparent bucket technology. Object detection systems. These construction equipment innovations were among the many on display during the Celebration of Construction 2023 event in Washington, D.C. Our associates had the opportunity to help several clients create compelling graphics and signage for the event.

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) hosted the Celebration of Construction event from May 14 to 16 and mirrored a 2022 program that showcased agriculture equipment.

Twenty-four AEM members participated in the construction equipment showcase. Visitors had a chance to see the many machines and technologies on display and speak to company representatives about the equipment. According to a statement from AEM, the Celebration of Construction featured “workforce development, worker safety, sustainable materials, and best practices” for the industry. While always of the utmost importance, these topics have become increasingly top of mind for our clients due to recent infrastructure legislation.

Support for U.S. Infrastructure

Following the passing of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, organizations like AEM, equipment manufacturers, and affiliated organizations like our agency were tasked with delivering the legislation messaging to target audiences. The Celebration of Construction exemplified this group’s commitment to promoting infrastructure progress in North America.

The popular “I Make America” campaign created by AEM also helps spread the message about the importance of construction equipment manufacturing. AEM and member companies plan to carry forward the grassroots effort, with AEM doubling down on “I Make America” at such events as this year’s CONEXPO-CON/AGG show.

Manufacturing Creates Jobs in North America

AEM hosts events like the Celebration of Construction to help raise awareness for the importance of manufacturing in North America. AEM recently released the latest economic figures for the manufacturing industry.

Equipment manufacturing:

  • Supports 2.3 million jobs across all 50 states

  • Contributes $316 billion each year to the GDP

  • Pays 33% above the national average wage

  • Supports 11% of total manufacturing jobs

  • Supports at least 1,000 jobs in each of 44 states

  • Pays $47 billion each year in federal, state, and local tax revenue

Source: Association of Equipment Manufacturers

Why are these figures important? The manufacturing of construction equipment and related materials creates jobs and contributes to the state and national economy.

Construction Is in Our Roots

Our agency has a vested interest in infrastructure and events like the Celebration of Construction because we have clients in this industry. Construction is in our agency’s roots. We started the agency more than 20 years ago with construction clients, and we still serve them and the industry. Some of our clients’ machines were situated among prominent monuments on the National Mall to catch the attention of key policymakers in our nation’s capital.

We have the pleasure of working with a variety of renowned manufacturing companies at our agency and supporting AEM in its efforts to enhance the equipment manufacturing industry. In addition, our vice president, Brad Olson, is on the AEM Services Member Executive Committee. Brad actively works on behalf of our associates to share marketing expertise with AEM and its member companies.

AEM Celebration of Construction in Washington DC

Live Events Are Still Popular

While many marketers pivoted to virtual events during the pandemic, companies across several industries, including construction, have shifted their focus back to in-person events. AEM demonstrated this trend in March at CONEXPO-CON/AGG: 3 million square feet of trade show space and 2,400 exhibitors. CONEXPO is the largest North American trade show, which broke a record and attracted more than 139,000 attendees from 133 countries.

Need help standing out at in-person events? We can help. Read our recent blog post on maximizing your trade show experience before you prepare for your company’s next trade show.