Influencer marketing: Finding your influencer

Influencer marketing can help your brand gain credibility with your target audience. Influencers are a clear authority in their industry and are an instant conduit to a specific niche. They provide additional opportunities for your target audience to learn how products are used in various applications and insight into customer pain points.

Once you have identified what characteristics you want your influencers to have and what your influencer marketing strategy will provide to your influencers in return for their partnership (financial compensation, complimentary products and services, etc.), it’s time to find your influencers.

The following three tips can help you build your influencer marketing strategy and expand your reach to your target audience.

How to find influencers in your industry

  1. If you have a budget for your influencer marketing strategy, you can use online tools to find your influencers. Tools like BuzzSumo, Kred, Klout, or FollowerWonk can help you find, analyze, and follow influencers in your market. You can see what content from what brands these influencers are sharing. And you can build and maintain lists and engage with key influencers.
  2. If you don’t have a budget for your influencer marketing strategy, start by searching channels. Look at fans and followers and whoever else in the industry they are following and engaging with. Do those people have a reach and following of their own?

Search social media channels for hashtags and keywords relevant to your brand. Look through photos and posts that speak to the characteristics you identified before beginning your search.

  1. One of the best and easiest ways to find influencers is by word of mouth. Some of the best contacts you will find are referrals from existing partners. Look at who your existing influencers are interacting with. Who are they working with, partnering on projects with? They all have friends in the industry, and many times, they are happy to connect you with them.

Narrow down your influencer list

For quantitative, look at their reach numbers, posting style and frequency, engagement, and audience. For qualitative, look at their platforms, content, and personality to make sure they align with your brand.

Also look for any contractual obligations they may have and if they are already tied to other partners. Will they be able to work with you without conflict with competitors? Are they exclusive to this category or industry?

Now that you have identified your possible influencers, it’s time to reach out and gauge their interest about a potential partnership. You can start by following their page and engaging with them on social media to let them know they have your attention.

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