Incorporating Interactive Features into Your Social Media Content

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Incorporating Interactive Features into Your Social Media Content

Jessica Manthe

Jessica Manthe
Oct 13, 2021

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From Twitter and TikTok to Instagram and Facebook, social media platforms continue to evolve to give users an exceptional online experience. Each platform provides an array of interactive features to help make your content stand out while also engaging with your audience. Stories stickers, profile frames, Guides, and augmented reality (AR) filters are all ways to tap into Facebook and Instagram features in particular to create appealing content for your followers.

Stories Stickers

Instagram and Facebook have both added Stories sticker functionality to their platforms. Stickers are interactive elements that you can add to your story slides to show off your brand’s personality and connect with your followers.

Some of these sticker features include:

  • Polls

  • Quizzes

  • Questions

  • Emoji Sliders

  • Hashtags

  • Shopping

  • GIFs

Incorporating these types of stickers into your Stories gives you the opportunity to get real-time feedback from your followers and gain an understanding about their feelings toward your brand. Quizzes, emoji sliders, and poll stickers show users how people voted after they vote themselves. Marketers have access to the responses via analytics on the story. Hashtag clicks will also appear in the same section, giving you insight into how many times users clicked it. Question answers are also collected in the analytics section of the story, and you can then reshare them to your story. It’s important to note that poll, question, and quiz answers will disappear after 24 hours.

Profile photo frames

Facebook profile photo frames are images that overlay your profile photo. They're used to show support for causes, college teams, campaigns, and even brands.

Anyone can create frames and upload them onto the platform. Once approved by Facebook, your frame is searchable and anyone on the platform can use it. Sharing the post to your company profile provides awareness and allows followers to add the frame to their profiles. Once someone uses the frame, their friends are notified of the change and who created the frame.

You can check out our 2RM photo frame in honor of Pride Month.

Guides and AR Filters

With 500+ million daily users, Instagram is the perfect place to get visual with your brand and gain some serious awareness. Two unique features to this platform are Guides and AR filters.

Instagram Guides are a way to gather related content in one place and turn it into a scrollable experience for your followers. By adding a collection of your posts to a guide, you’re able to tell a larger story about your brand that will resonate with your audience. Guides can be added to Stories and sent to followers, giving your brand the opportunity for larger engagement.

Take a look at our 2RM Guide on having fun at work.

AR filters are another way brands can use platform features to engage with followers. AR filters are animated elements that layer over real-life images and videos. Filters are more captivating than normal video and they give your followers a chance to be a part of your brand.

Types of AR filters include:

  • Color adjusting

  • Category

  • Quiz

  • Gaming

There are many types of filters you can create, and it’s important to select the best one for your brand. Once you’ve created your filter using Spark AR and Instagram approves it, it’s visible and anyone on the platform can use it. You can also share these filters to Stories, which again gives visibility to your brand outside of your audience. 

Give our 2RM AR filter a try to see what agency role you are.

Incorporate interactive features into your content

There are many ways to give your brand a fun and unique twist on social media. Platforms are making it easier than ever to take part in trends and features. Once you decide on the interactive social media features that make sense for your brand, get creative and start adding them into your social strategy. Not sure where to start? Our social media team can help. Connect with our social media team.

Jessica Manthe
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