2RM Impress Your Recruiter

I’ve done a lot of interviewing in my years as an HR professional. And I’ve seen a lot of things — some good, some not so good. *Insert story about a candidate losing their lunch during an interview.*

Yes, that really happened.

But in all seriousness, with experience in both the corporate and agency worlds, I can tell you that the interview process at 2RM is unique. We turn the interview into a conversation to discover who you are and how you work. Our interview team includes a small group of associates from a range of positions because we’re a collaborative workplace — and our interview process reflects that.

With that in mind, it’s not surprising that an impressive resume isn’t enough to land a job with us. The perfect fit on paper still has to nail the interview. Here are some of my top tips for interviewing at 2RM.

  • Be confident. Even seasoned professionals get nervous and that’s OK — it shows that you care. To help calm your nerves beforehand, do thorough research and practice your answers to common marketing interview questions. And don’t be afraid to pause or ask the interviewer to repeat a question. Remember, it’s not a race! Take your time, speak clearly, and maintain good eye contact.
  • Ask thoughtful questions. It’s obvious when a candidate has only reviewed the listing and our website. It’s impressive when someone asks questions that go beyond those resources. For example, a candidate may mention an award we’ve won, specific client work that resonated with them, or a social media post they engaged with.
  • Be professional. We’re a pretty casual workplace, but that’s a perk you can enjoy after you get the gig. While you don’t need a suit and tie, we do expect business casual attire. It’s also important to arrive on time and avoid speaking negatively about past employers. And while you likely won’t need them, I recommend bringing hard copies of your resume and portfolio. You don’t want to be standing there with nothing to show in the event of an internet outage. For virtual interviews, it’s a good idea to offer to email a copy of your resume and portfolio right before the interview for easy access.
  • Be yourself. Personality plays a big part in finding the right person for the right job. We want to make sure you’re comfortable and as happy in your role as we are to have you in it. So, we take extra care to make sure you’re compatible with your team, your clients, your work, and our culture. We also want you to get to know us so that you’re positive it’s the right fit.
  • Follow up. Last but not least, always follow up within a few days. A simple thank-you email or card goes a long way. It not only shows interest but can be another chance to show your personality and thoughtfulness.

In the end, be as prepared as you can be, show enthusiasm for the company and position, and be yourself.

Learn more about our agency, and see if any of our open positions sound like the right fit for you.