Erin Fry Two Rivers Marketing

Did you know Two Rivers Marketing invests in its associates? Probably, considering we write about it quite a bit. But this week, I wanted to share why I’m grateful I work here. A couple of weeks ago was associate appreciation week, which meant new perks were announced, daily treats were bestowed, and new swag was gifted. Sounds like a great week, right? I’m sure it was, but I missed it.

You see, not only does Two Rivers provide great benefits and perks, but a few weeks ago, it invested in me and my professional development by sending me to San Francisco for the MarketingProfs B2B Forum.

Learning changes lives

To the agency, my trip wasn’t unique. In fact, several of my comrades have attended various marketing and industry-specific conferences and training opportunities throughout the year. But to me, this trip and conference wasn’t just a way to grow professionally. It was a way for me to focus on the root of who I am: a learner.

I’m not making that up. According to StrengthsFinder, my number one strength is learner. For those who know me, I spend a lot of my time learning and researching. Whether it be about all things digital, food, advancing technologies, or music, I thrive when exploring a new topic. My trip to San Francisco has reinvigorated my drive to keep learning, to put theories into practice, and to learn from our marketing efforts.

MarketingProfs B2B conference

Two Rivers Marketing associate at conference

Over the course of the marketing conference, I attended an intensive Content Strategy and SEO workshop (it was 693 slides — it really was intensive!). I also sat in on sessions relating to chatbots, content strategy, creativity, data, employee advocacy, the future of B2B marketing, implementing live video, influencer marketing, SEO, voice search, and what B2B buyers need from their vendors.

During my breaks, I spent time in post-session huddles talking to the presenters, wandering around the B2B learning lounge talking to different vendors about their products and hobnob biscuits, attending the pre- and post-session events like “Profsgiving” and an early morning photo walk. And I even snuck away to see what all the hype was about at the Museum of Ice Cream.

I came back from the forum with confirmation about things I already knew, ideas sparked by things I heard, lists of tools and resources to check out, an extended network, and a few prizes, including the grand prize of a fully-funded trip to the conference next year!

Why I’m grateful I work at an agency that invests in its employees

So, during a season when we focus on what we’re thankful for, I have to give a nod to my employer. Without investing in me, I wouldn’t be able to continue growing both professionally and personally.

If you’re looking for some of my key takeaways from the conference, stay tuned. I’ll be writing another post to share some of the things I learned.

If you’re looking to work for an agency who invests in associates, then check out our newest openings. You may not win a free trip to a conference like I did, but at least you’ll have the chance.