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Have you ever wondered what company culture really means? Or how to create it and convince your team to embrace it? At Two Rivers Marketing, we know that a strong company culture is essential for success. That's why we've launched our very own culture club, dedicated to improving and promoting our agency's culture.

Our culture club is a team of passionate associates who organize events that allow us to interact and get to know each other outside of work. The results have been great! But our efforts don’t stop there; we’re continuously working to strengthen our culture through new initiatives and programs.

One of our most successful culture club initiatives has been the recent launch of our Get Connected Clubs. These groups bring like-mind associates together to pursue their hobbies and passions. Whether it’s cooking, reading, or playing golf, there’s a hobby club for nearly everyone.

With the clubs, you get to meet people you don’t regularly work with.

To get started, the culture club asked our team for suggestions on what types of clubs they were interested in and for volunteers to lead those clubs. Next, we held a “Get Connected Fair” at our agency to introduce the clubs and encourage participation. Finally, each club set up and hosted its first meetings.

“I was surprised at how many people signed up for the clubs,” said Ben Miles, marketing data analyst and culture club member at Two Rivers. “The key has been a dedicated group of leaders who are passionate about their club and have really stepped up and gotten creative about getting others to join them.”

Miles said the goal was to build a strong community within Two Rivers. As the agency was coming out of the pandemic and continuing to embrace remote work, associates needed more opportunities to hang out and get to know one another.

“With the clubs, you get to meet people you don’t regularly work with and never get to talk to,” he said. “They all offer in-person and virtual opportunities for members to get together and have fun, so it’s helped bring our remote associates into the mix as well.”

While many topics and hobbies were discussed, these are the clubs we started with:

Book Club

These self-proclaimed bookworms share their favorite reads and dive deep into themes, characters, and messages. Every month, members submit book recommendations and then vote on a book to read together. From there, they dive into discussions with both in-person and virtual meetups, as well as occasional field trips to local bookstores.

Cocktail Club

This club sends members two mouth-watering cocktail recipes every month, and then it’s up to each member to mix, sip, and share their thoughts with other cocktail enthusiasts in a private online chat. But that’s not all — members take it to the next level by sharing pictures of their stunning drinks and planning virtual happy hours and cocktail-making classes. Plus, they’re gearing up to unveil the official 2RM Cocktail of the Year!

Cooking Club

Whether it’s for upcoming parties, holiday feasts, or meal prep, this club loves to share and try good recipes. They share photos of their creations and discuss their favorite restaurants, cooking hacks, and culinary adventures. Their virtual and in-person cooking classes are a great opportunity to learn new skills and connect with fellow foodies.

Image of the cooking club

Golf Club

This is the place for golf enthusiasts to connect with fellow golfers and explore new courses and equipment. Members get together throughout the year to play at local golf courses and simulators. They also host quarterly lunch outings to discuss favorite courses, instructors, training, clubs, apps, and more.

Photography Club

This club is a safe, unbiased space where shutterbugs of all experience levels can share their work, get feedback, and collaborate with like-minded enthusiasts. Monthly meetings feature photo challenges, mentor sessions with hands-on opportunities, and even styled shoots to improve their skills. Members continually collect their best tips, ideas, and inspiration for the club’s virtual library of resources.

Photo of photography club
Photography club

Wellbeing/Fitness Club

This club is all about promoting healthy habits and finding fun ways to stay active and engaged. They offer quarterly classes that promote different wellness activities, like yoga, cycling, Reiki, and more. After-work Power Hours invite local wellness experts to share and show their favorite activities, and weekly online discussions promote 5-minute wellness habits.

Wine Club

This group is looking for a way to expand their palates and indulge in some delicious wines. They gather quarterly to taste, compare, and discover new wines in a bracket-style competition to see which vino comes out on top. Members explore a wide range of flavors and varieties, from bold reds to crisp whites. They also share wine cocktail recipes and food pairing suggestions on their dedicated online chat.

Photo of wine club
Wine club

Yoga Club

Aspiring and experienced yogis meet up to move, meditate, and practice mindfulness. With goals of improving focus and concentration, optimizing creativity and resourcefulness, and better managing stress and emotions, this club strives for fun and fitness.

Creating Culture

At Two Rivers, we believe that a thriving company culture is essential for a happy and engaged team. Discover what else makes 2RM’s culture unique.