Two Rivers Marketing never shies away from a challenge. As a matter of fact, we pride ourselves on “challenging the current” every day for our clients because that’s what they expect from their agency partner. They look to us for new and innovative ways to solve their marketing challenges, successfully engage and communicate with their customers, and ultimately grow their brand and their business.

Two Rivers Marketing Digital Services Team

More and more, this requires leveraging the evolving capabilities of digital marketing. Over the years, Two Rivers Marketing has responded to the digital evolution by encouraging current associates to follow a digital career path and to pursue training opportunities. We recruited talented new associates with digital expertise and formed a dedicated internal digital team.

Today, digital marketing is so pervasive that we simply can’t confine it to a team or a department. All functions within our integrated marketing agency leverage a digital component. Using digital channels, we can more accurately target specific audiences, support them with content as they travel through the buyer journey, and learn from their interactions with our clients’ brands.

That’s why we’re extremely excited to increase our digital competency with the addition of seven new digital experts.

We welcome Jennifer Ruggle as managing director of digital services, Hanna Plants and Anna Leavenworth as digital strategists, Stephanie Bidney as senior digital project manager, Erin Fry and Ashley Bash as social media specialists, and Justin Lobaito as digital creative lead in digital design/front-end development.

Each of these new Two Rivers associates brings with them a deep and varied experience with digital marketing, ranging from social media to virtual reality and everything in between. These new associates join our existing digital marketing team, including Hillary Ferry, our digital marketing director, elevating the team to 18 digital experts. With this recent expansion, we are in an even stronger position to navigate and harness the ever-evolving world of digital marketing with our clients.

What does this mean for you? Many companies are uneasy about the rapid changes in digital marketing techniques and tools and how this impacts their businesses, specifically marketing and communications. We embrace that change and are always looking for new ways to implement highly targeted, impactful, and relevant content through the communication channels we know our clients’ customers are using.

We’re developing integrated digital strategies that include social media strategy and implementation, email marketing and email automation, CRM, programmatic ad buys, mobile app and web development, SEO, and more. And we’re enhancing our content through highly impactful and creative digital design.

Although none of us can predict the future, we do know that communication techniques and tools will continue to evolve at an ever-increasing pace. At Two Rivers Marketing, we are ready to accept that challenge because we hire the best people, place them in positions they like, and help them grow. This philosophy keeps us on top of evolving marketing trends and in a position to lead our clients to success.