Day in the life of Senior Program Supervisor Jessie Ackerson and Account Supervisor Erin Walker-Emery.

This month, we’re taking a closer look at a dynamic account and project management duo. First, get ready for a day in the life with Sr. Program Supervisor Jessie Ackerson.

No snooze button needed for this gal! My day starts right at 6:00. Once I’m ready for the day, I make my commute via good old I-235. I arrive at the office around 7:15 and greet my fellow early birds. I quickly grab a water and coffee before sorting through my emails.

Jessie Ackerson and Erin Walker-Emery waving hello, followed by Jessie blow drying her hair and then ready a list of project with the team.

8:00, already? That means it's time to discuss project priorities and schedules with my team. An organized To Do list is the best way to stay on track. I double-check that mine is up to date before diving into my tasks. Once that’s squared away, I’ll have a few meetings to connect with my fellow 2RMers and clients.

Jessie eating lunch and thinking about budgets and timelines, completing a to-do list, then watching Wheel of Fortune with her husband.

All that collaboration has worked up quite the appetite! Time to grab some lunch in the East Village. Lucca and Scenic Route are my go-tos. If I have time, I’ll stop by the local stationery studio, Ephemera, to find some calm in my busy day. Back to work. My afternoon is filled with project planning, budget reviews, and timelines … oh my!

With 5:00 fast approaching, I make sure everything on my To Do list is checked off and draft my list for tomorrow. Time for the commute home where my husband Tyler and I chat about our day over dinner. Big money, big money! That’s right, we tune in to Wheel of Fortune every evening before our family walk.

Now, let's see how Account Supervisor Erin Walker-Emery spends her day!

Erin waking up with her two cats, having some virtual meetings with her team, and having soup and salad while watering her plants.

It’s 6:00 a.m., and I’m not sure if my alarm clock, my internal clock, or my meowing clocks — cats Mony and Desna — woke me up. Either way, it’s time to feed the hungry felines and make myself some tea. Then, it’s time to trade in my pajamas for work clothes before making my way down the hall to my home office — hot tea in hand!

I sit down at my desk at 7:00 sharp. I check my calendar to make sure I’m prepared for the day’s meetings. Next, I check my email, read up on some industry newsletters, and organize the day’s tasks. Before I know it, an hour has flown by. Time to meet with my trusty project management team members: Jessie A. (you heard all about her above!) and Jessica C. Together, we walk through project priorities, creative needs, and more.

This morning you can find me leading a client status call and holding a discovery session with some coworkers. Then, it’s time to take a few project requests and develop some project briefs before my favorite time of day — lunch! Today I’m eating a hearty soup and light salad. If I don’t make it out the door for a walk around the neighborhood, I’m busy tidying up the house or watering my plants.

After lunch I double-check my calendar before reviewing projects and ensuring we’re on track to meet our deadlines — all while keeping an eye on my inbox for client feedback.

Erin lighting a candle for good home office vibes, closing her laptop after meetings, and then dancing while making supper with her husband.

Around this time, I’ll light a candle to add some aromas and good vibes to my home. On the other hand, if I’m in the office, I’d go for an afternoon snack. You can’t go wrong with a pickle or some Cheez-Its from the grab-and-go station.

After my afternoon pick-me-up, I’m jumping on a video call to kick off a new project with my team. The day is almost over. Time to touch base with my clients, check my calendar … again! Without a doubt, something new has been added or needs adjusting. With all my tasks done and my timesheet entered, I close up the laptop and shut my office door.

After a hard day of work, I’m hungry. But so are Mony and Desna. I feed them first, then whip up something tasty with my hubby, Grant. We spice up cooking with some music and killer dance moves. We might wind down with a bike ride, movie, game of darts, or something else fun.

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