Day in the Life of Social Media Specialist Jess Manthe

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Day in the Life of Social Media Specialist Jess Manthe

Jessica Manthe

Jessica Manthe
Jun 29, 2022

Day in the life of a Social Media Specialist.

This month, we’re taking a closer look at the social media team here at Two Rivers Marketing. This week, Jess Manthe is sharing what the average day looks like in her life as a social media specialist.

Social media specialist Jess Manthe's typical morning of checking social media, walking to work, and getting coffee.

My alarm goes off bright and early (for me) at 6:30. After hitting the snooze button too often, I scroll through my social apps to catch up on anything that’s happened overnight.

Get ready, grab my backpack, and take a nice morning stroll through the East Village to the office.

First thing at the office — hit the coffee machine for a latte. Second thing — run through unread emails to get the day’s action items and meetings.

Jess Manthe checking ad performance, on a meeting, and grabbing more coffee.

No two days are the same when working in social media. Today I check paid ad performance and make optimizations to ensure we’re hitting our goals. I also check my clients’ overall ad budgets and update the 2RM team with any billing items.

I need a coffee refill. Please hold. *cue elevator music*

I hop on internal status meetings to give and get updates on projects. Plus, it’s always fun to catch up with my awesome coworkers. 😊

Jess Manthe creaking link tracking, reading a book, and attending a meeting.

Now I create any UTM or CID tracking links for client posts, then schedule any remaining posts for the month or campaign.

Lunch! Often in the East Village or at home since I live close. I usually unplug from technology for lunch and read a few chapters of my latest read. (29 books and counting in 2022!)

Refreshed from lunch, we have a status meeting where our small (but mighty) team comes up with fun ways to promote 2RM associates and agency culture. We get to try a lot of fun, creative things!

Jess Manthe getting a treat, creating content calendars, and giving post direction.

Wait … did someone say there were treats in the breakroom? 👀 Better check that out quickly.

For the rest of the afternoon, I create content calendars for new campaigns or upcoming monthly content.

Using the metrics on what has performed well, I write post messaging and creative direction for our design teams.

Jess Manthe researching social trends, finishing work and enjoying happy hour with friends.

I also always check for current trends that we could tie into.

Whew, the clock is winding down! ⏰ I take a final look through my email, knock out any last-minute things, and fill out that timesheet before the clock strikes 5.

No social emergencies, so it’s time to log off! After work, I’ll find a nice patio to spend happy hour with friends, cook something at home, or maybe finish a book. 😁

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Jessica Manthe
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Jessica Manthe is a social media strategist who grew up raising sheep in rural Illinois. When not using her farm work ethic to harvest fresh crops of social media insight at 2RM, Jess enjoys watching sports, attending concerts, and staying connected with friends. Contact Jess.