Day in the Life of Digital Specialist Katie Alexander and Data Analyst Ben Miles

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Day in the Life of Digital Specialist Katie Alexander and Data Analyst Ben Miles

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May 31, 2022



Day in the Life of Digital Specialist Katie Alexander and Data Analyst Ben Miles

Day in the Life of a Digital Specialist and Data Analyst.

This month, we’re visiting a dynamic digital and data duo. Get ready for a day in the life with Digital Specialist Katie Alexander!

A typical morning of waking up, checking the laptop and multitasking for a digital specialist.

After hitting the snooze button exactly three times, I get up. Thanks, Stella, for patiently awaiting breakfast!

A warm blanket and a hot cup of coffee are essential tools for early morning moderating of social media channels.

Next, I could be working on a hypothesis for a landing page test, optimizing SEO for a blog article, scheduling a social post, writing about email insights … I love variety!

Lunch! Time to fuel up — and catch up on my favorite funny podcasts and YouTubers’ videos.

After lunch, there’s usually a few meetings. Whether it’s collaborating with coworkers or briefing clients on our progress, good communication is key!

Between meetings, I stay on top of emails and chats — and maybe grab one more coffee to push through the afternoon crash.

Finish that report! Finalize that social media moderation! Because 5 o’clock is coming!

The desk is clean, the plants are watered, and another productive workday is done.

Back at home. Time to cook, watch some videos, work out, have a glass of wine, cuddle with Stella, and set the alarm clock for another day!

Now let's see how Data Specialist Ben Miles spends his day!

Arrive at the office around 7:30 a.m. Greetings to all the other early risers!

First up: Manually pulling data from social media platforms and getting it into data warehouses. (Sounds harder than it is!)

Got the headphones on so I can focus on writing and editing about 300 lines of code!

Time for a quick break so my eyes can recover from all that screen time!

Back from my break replying to emails requesting spreadsheet help from “The Excel Wizard.” Abracadabra!

Lunchtime! Nothing better than a walk around the East Village listening to my favorite podcast and clearing my head.

Time to make raw data real, turning it into beautiful tables, charts, and dashboards that we can share with our clients!

Then I’m off to a 2RM Culture Team meeting, where we plan fun agency events. All work and no play? No way!

The workday is done, but my day isn’t over! After 5, you can find me enjoying volleyball, softball, soccer — or even a highball! (Tom Collins, please.)

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