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How to recruit workers at different career stages

With a national unemployment rate of 3.7 percent (as of August 2019) and a 2.5 percent unemployment rate here in Iowa, it’s not easy... Read more>>

College to career: my first six months of “adulting”

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Resume writing tips for landing that marketing agency job

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Agency life after journalism

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3 tips to forge a millennial career path

This year I celebrated my fourth anniversary with Two Rivers Marketing. I’ll admit, this shocks most people. Their eyes widen as they... Read more>>

Employee benefit ideas to promote work/life balance

*I used my VTO perk to chaperone a fourth-grade field trip where we harvested wildflower seeds for prairie... Read more>>

4 easy ways to show your company is millennial-friendly

Employee recruitment is a lot like dating. The lessons you and I have learned from those sometimes (OK, pretty much always) awkward... Read more>>

Are you isolating your millennial workforce?

In any given workplace, there are likely three distinct generations working side by side. A fifty-year gap between the youngest and... Read more>>

We’re living in a millennial world

There are around 53.5 million millennials in the workforce today. The Pew Research Center defines millennials as individuals born between... Read more>>

Mass communication, merit badges and mosquitoes

Nestled among the tall trees and a nearby lake in northwestern Minnesota is a Boy Scout camp called Many Point Scout Camp, where scouts... Read more>>