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How to plan, produce and measure brand storytelling

In my last blog post, I shared my learnings from a recent workshop led by Brittney Dunkins about how to be a better storyteller. I... Read more>>

Don’t throw away your shot: Content strategy lessons from the ‘Hamilton’ musical

Bravo, Des Moines Civic Center, for bringing us Broadway’s record-setting musical, “Hamilton”. Now you might wonder, what does an... Read more>>

Strategic planning: What agencies need to know from clients

Around this time of year, businesses begin their annual strategic planning process for the next year. It’s typically a big deal for... Read more>>

5 tips for bridging the gap between account and creative

At a marketing agency, the relationship between the account and the creative sides can be hard to manage. People in both worlds can... Read more>>

Media mogul Hope Waggoner

Two Rivers Marketing wouldn't be here without our talented, dedicated associates. So, we want you to meet them. Let's get to know media... Read more>>

How to take criticism (and learn to like it)

A three-step plan for learning from criticism Thirty-two years of writing for a living has made me familiar with having my work... Read more>>

SEO vs. SEM: What’s the difference?

New to digital marketing? Understanding the complex jargon of this industry can be a challenge. In a world of CPC, CTR, and PPC, we’re... Read more>>

Using brand storytelling to connect with customers

Storytelling is a hot buzzword in marketing. When done well, it’s a great way for brands to connect with customers in a more meaningful... Read more>>

Digital advertising in 2018: Terms every marketer needs to know

Digital advertising is like getting a new iPhone. By the time you upgrade, Apple is putting out a newer, more advanced phone. Sure, you can... Read more>>

Future lyricist Tony Lieb

Two Rivers Marketing wouldn’t be here today without our talented, dedicated associates. So, we want you to meet them. Let’s get to know... Read more>>