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What it’s like to intern at a marketing agency

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“What I learned as an international intern at Two Rivers Marketing”

Is it really already December? Where has the time gone? I can’t believe it, but my last week in Des Moines has started — wow! I am... Read more>>

International insight: Things I love at Two Rivers Marketing

More than half of my internship is already over. I can’t believe I’ll go back home to Germany in less than a month. But for now I’m... Read more>>

How American marketers can be successful with a German audience

After a couple weeks in the U.S. and at Two Rivers Marketing, I got used to the new surroundings and my job. And of course, I noticed some... Read more>>

International marketing education, experience in Des Moines

The beginning When I started my studies in Germany, it was totally clear to me that I wanted to spend a semester abroad. I chose a course... Read more>>