Monthly archives for April, 2019

How to create social media content from anywhere

Social media content isn’t something you churn out from behind a desk anymore. It’s everywhere, so you have to be too. Below,... Read more>>

How to create buyer personas that work for your company

You’re just seven steps away from awesome audience personas. A well-researched buyer persona is probably the single-greatest tool you... Read more>>

Six aspects of agency life everyone must conquer

“What’s it like to work at an advertising agency?” For the past several years, I’ve had the pleasure of being a guest speaker... Read more>>

How to optimize content for a Google featured snippet

If you’ve ever done a Google search, you know what a featured snippet is even if you didn’t know what it’s called. This is a featured... Read more>>

Join the flock at the 12th Annual YESS Duck Derby

  Updated April 2, 2019 — Now that the dust has settled from April Fools’ Day, Two Rivers Marketing is honored to continue... Read more>>