Stylized desk with plant, photos and notepadsAs a first-time blogger, I’d like to do a quick introduction. My name is Avery Amensen. I’m on the public relations team here at Two Rivers Marketing. I graduated from Iowa State University. And I’m a former resident of Cubeland, USA.

You know the place. Regimented and beige-y with fluorescent lights and long hallways. And while it can make the most sense from an office layout standpoint, it’s not always the most inspiring place to be.

Keep the beige at bay

So, when I started my first job, I was a little desperate to disguise the walls of my cubicle with things that weren’t so beige and … depressing. It’s surprising how much of a difference a few pictures and cute notepads can make.

Fast-forward to when I started working here. I brought all the things I’d accumulated over the years to make my desk feel like “mine,” but with our building’s large windows, open layout, and decidedly non-beige-y color scheme, the prints and notepads didn’t feel as necessary to ward off the monotony.

Curating for creativity

Don’t get me wrong — I still have all my desk stuff. We all do. Whether it’s a family photo, sports swag, a favorite coffee mug, or desk plant, nearly everyone personalizes their workspace.

Work environment can play a bigger role in our overall experience than what we give it credit for. Things like lighting and office design can impact mood, inspiration, productivity, and everything in between.

I’ve sat in four desks during my time at Two Rivers (all of which felt distinctly mine, thanks to said “stuff”). Call it science or the placebo effect, but I can sense slight differences in my mood depending on how much natural light I’m around.

New year, new desk vibe

Regardless of where you work, however, there are some quick ways to freshen up your workspace for the new year. Leave those cookie-cutter workspaces in 2018.

  • Become a plant parent. Yes, even if you’ve killed a plant before. Yes, even if you don’t get the most natural light. From succulents to low-light plants, there are a lot of plants out there that can bring a little extra life to your desk.
  • Bump up the basics. Trade your regular notepad, folder, file organizer, coffee mug, calendar, pen cup, what have you for a version with a little more personality. Small changes can make a huge difference.
  • Put up a picture. If this seems like Desk Tips 101, it’s because you’re right. Classics are that way for a reason. Whether it’s your family, your dog, or your favorite #foodstagram, take the time to truly personalize your space with a picture.

And for those of you who already have a good grasp on the desk game? Here are a couple of ways you can take it to the next level.

  • Dust off your art collector cap. You want to know what pairs nicely with that photo you just put up? Art. Also want to know some great places you can get it? Your local art shop. Look around!
  • Think color scheme, color scheme, color scheme. Designers do it for a reason. Spaces designed around a coordinated color scheme will immediately look more intentional and put together. And don’t feel overwhelmed — it can be as simple as switching a few of your basic office items to the same color.

We’re curious — how will you switch up your workspace in 2019? Let us know!

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