2017 was another great year for our agency blog. Two Rivers Marketing associates wrote on a range of topics from trends in digital marketing and best practices in research to musings on agency life and how to attain the perfect work-life balance.

Even though we know you wait with anticipation for a new Undercurrent blog to be published each Wednesday, we put together a list of our top 12 most popular blogs from 2017. You know, just in case.


12.  “Gen Z and social media privacy” by Jessie Hill

Carefully cultivated social media groups present marketers with an even bigger opportunity to leverage influencer marketing. 83 percent of those in Gen Z is willing to trust information about products from other shoppers on social media over advertising. Account executive explains what you need to know about Gen Z’s approach to social.


11. Joe Boswell “5 things to know about marketing automation” by Joe Boswell

Marketing automation is an area of customer relationship management that has evolved over the last few years as systems become smarter and easier to use. The term “marketing automation” is often used vaguely, but senior account director Joe keeps it simple.


10. Lance “A new degree in interactive engagement” by Lance Lethcoe

As a designer, it can be difficult finding creative ways to break through the norms of traditional marketing tactics and collateral production. Senior art director Lance discusses 360 graphics and proactively experimenting with new ideas and methods.


9. Kim Ten Clay_2014_square “6 SEO trends to watch in 2017” by Kim Ten Clay

SEO trends in 2017 reinforced an important message: to be successful, approach SEO as a means to answer your customer’s questions, not as a laser-focused attempt at improving rankings for specific keywords. Digital strategist Kim gives a full download.


8.  “Collectively glamorous” by Drew Jones

Managing director of creative services Drew has been in the marketing world for nearly 20 years. Although he’s never walked down a single red carpet, he still finds his job pretty glamorous.


7. Nicole Scilingo “5 things I learned after switching from in-house marketing to an agency” by Nicole Scilingo

Content specialist Nicole came to Two Rivers Marketing with several years of in-house marketing experience. After two years of #agencylife, she found these were the 5 major differences.


6.  “Why I don’t regret leaving TV news for PR” by Jessica Wardenburg

Changing careers can be scary and intimidating. Social media specialist Jessica talks about discovering a new dream and fulfillment in public relations.


5.  “Should your brand use search as a CTA?” by Hillary Ferry 

Achieving multiple search engine results pages (SERPs) worth of press is a feat for any brand, but a search-focused campaign doesn’t come without risks. Our digital marketing director lays out the pros and cons.


4. Two Rivers Marketing “Perk up your employees with unexpected benefits” by Two Rivers Marketing

At Two Rivers Marketing, we know that keeping associates engaged, challenged, and happy is the best way to up the caliber of work we produce for our clients. In this post, we list our favorite summer perks.


3.  “So you want to start a company blog” by Keesia Wirt

When companies start down the content marketing path, one of the first big ideas someone inevitably suggests is: “Let’s start a blog!” Well, content strategist Keesia puts that to the test with a challenging decision tree.


2.Kelsey Batschelet “What am I doing in Iowa?” by Kelsey Batschelet

By the time she graduated college, PR specialist Kelsey had lived in 12 different cities. Three were out of the country. While Iowa was pretty low on her list of places to live, she explains why she’s glad to call Des Moines home.


1.Marianne Coppock “13 promises every working mom should make before traveling” by Marianne Coppock

Managing director of client services Marianne talks about the overwhelming and rewarding life of a working mother in our most popular blog of 2017.

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