Perk up your employees with unexpected benefitsAh, summer. Growing up, it meant sleep-away camps, putting in some serious hours at the pool and, above all else, a three-month break from school. Now this time of year rolls around and many associates get that summer break itch. That feeling that something is supposed to change.

Of course, we don’t get a sabbatical every time the weather heats up, but Two Rivers Marketing has some pretty impressive summer perks that keep us from gazing longingly outside. Aside from creating a welcoming agency culture, these benefits help in recruiting and retaining the best talent — which is important since companies lose billions annually due to employee turnover.

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At Two Rivers Marketing, we know that keeping associates engaged, challenged, and happy is the best way to up the caliber of work we produce for our clients. And, since you can’t do that with a salary alone, we get to enjoy some cool summer perks.

I’m flexible
Associates here work hard year-round, but this time of year, you’ll see desk lights flip on a little earlier and stay on a bit later. This is because the agency offers a flex-time program during the summer.

We can put in some extra hours each day in exchange for coming in late or leaving early another day. Many people use it on Friday afternoons to get an early jump on a weekend trip. Others might just have a hankering to make the most of a Wednesday-night happy hour. So, you know, it’s flexible.

Take me out to the ball game
Looking around the office today, there are a few new tans … and a few fresh sunburns. Our annual Iowa Cubs outing took place this week. The entire agency shuts down for an afternoon, so we can take part in America’s favorite pastime. We’re in pretty good company on this perk. The Society for Human Resource Management says 23 percent of employers offer company purchased tickets for outings like sporting events or theme parks.

And for associates who are fans of hitting the links, we have our Annual Golf Outing to look forward to at the end of summer. Both of these events are an excuse to step away from our normal roles and to hang out with our coworkers in a different context.

Let me see your grills
Summer and grilling go hand in hand. Lucky us, we don’t even have to leave the agency for BBQ favorites like burgers, brats, hot dogs, and veggie burgers for our vegetarian associates — all compliments of the agency. There’s an element of team building, too, since each associate that attends Griller Thursday is asked to bring a side dish.

Maybe the perk of sharing a few meals and snacks with your colleagues sounds like no big deal. But consider this statistic from a study conducted by Peapod: 66 percent of employees whose offices provide free snacks or beverages report being extremely or very happy with their current job. Handing out some snacks every once in a while doesn’t sound so silly now, right?

It’s all about the benefits
Employers shouldn’t overlook the power of a few good perks. Employee-focused benefits not only do wonders for company morale, but they also demonstrate a commitment to what matters to associates.

These are the perks that work for Two Rivers Marketing and our business philosophy. There are hundreds of others, and companies find more ways to capitalize on employee benefits all the time. Find out what your employees care about and, if you can, incorporate it into your company culture. You’ll find that your employees aren’t the only ones who benefit from company perks.

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