On February 25, Two Rivers Marketing brought home three awards from the American Advertising Awards presented by American Advertising Federation of Des Moines. Since we all weren’t able to attend the event, we put together a recap of the winning work and some thoughts from those close to the creative process of each entry.


Silver Award in Cross Platform: JDRF Gala Promotional Materials








“Two Rivers Marketing is fortunate to partner with some wonderful nonprofit and charitable organizations in giving back to the Des Moines community. It also allows us to showcase our expertise on behalf of some great causes. The JDRF Gala campaign was such a rewarding project, and our contact was open to our ideas and in helping us refine them along the way. The result was a dynamic, multi-platform campaign where we could let loose creatively. It was a collaborative effort that involved many members of the Two Rivers Marketing design team.

In addition to the great creative work we produced, we were able to meet a few individuals closely affected by Type 1 diabetes and to include them in the campaign. It showed us firsthand how our in-kind efforts can help impact the greater good of the organization.”

— Jill VanDerPol, Director, Agency & Community Activities
Jill Vanderpol




Silver Award in Elements of Advertising: New Business Collateral













“Developing these books for our new business collateral was a unique challenge for two reasons. First, the sheer amount of content required was daunting; and second, the project wasn’t for a client, making it more open-ended than our average campaign. Each book started with 40 blank pages staring us in the face and nothing but one of four words — clarity, focus, frequency, amplitude — to work from. Ultimately that freedom turned out to be a great asset because it allowed us to approach the idea from so many different angles, but I’d be lying if I said each one wasn’t a bit intimidating at the outset.”

— Drew Jones, Managing Director, Creative






Silver Award in Out of Home and Ambient Marketing: Danfoss Commons Wall Design










“It was fun to bring the Danfoss brand to life in such a big way (literally). Our artists really understand the visual elements of the brand and it was rewarding to showcase our work in such a high-traffic area like their cafeteria, where employees and visitors can interact with it every day.”

— John Klehn, Senior Account Director
John Klehn





“Danfoss challenges us to push the boundaries of its visual system and leverage its corporate brand principles. We amplified two of those principles, bold and forward-looking, and incorporated them into our design concept. The result established a dynamic focal point and activated a highly visible area within their commons.”

— Lance Lethcoe, Senior Art Director






American Advertising Federation (AAF) is the nation’s oldest national advertising trade association, and the only association representing all facets of the advertising industry. AAF of Des Moines honors and recognizes the creative efforts of advertising agencies across Central Iowa with its local American Advertising Awards competition (formerly the ADDYs), receiving more than 260 entries each year. First of a three-tiered national competition, the AAF of Des Moines American Advertising Award winners will advance to one of 14 district competitions.

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