You know you work in public relations when…Ever since I selected public relations as my major during my sophomore year of college, I’m often faced with blank stares and slow nods of feigned understanding when I answer that, “What do you do?” question. For all my PR pros out there, I feel you — and I compiled a list of some of the other ways you know you work in the PR industry.


1. You take a picture to show mom and dad your byline in a trade publication

2. You’ve mastered the art of following up with your client without seeming pushy or annoying

3. You’re the diplomat of your friend group, solving problems and constantly saying things like, “they probably just meant this…”

4. You hit the End Call button 13 times after every phone interview is over — just in case

5. To you, “just around the corner” means six months from now

6. You’ve run out of colors for your Gmail Inbox tabs

7. You’ve set up a Google News alert for literally everything that involves your clients

8. Your LinkedIn search skills reach stalker levels

9. You have a mini panic attack when someone doesn’t track changes

10. You cringe every time you hear someone say, “No comment” on the news

11. No matter how many times you do it, you break a sweat every time you hit “send” to distribute a news release

12. You read about a social media crisis unfolding and you feel for your fellow PR people and know they’re in the trenches

13. Your friends are training for marathons and you’re training for crisis response scenarios

14. You’d rather be coaching spokespeople behind the camera than be in front of it any day of the week

15. Saving a document every three minutes is not overkill — it’s a lesson learned


About Meredith Augspurger

Public relations specialist Meredith Augspurger isn’t afraid of trying something new. After graduating with a degree in public relations and working as a community relations coordinator for a children’s hospital in Milwaukee, her career took an unexpected turn when she tried her hand as a pastry chef. She found that her love of the written word couldn’t be denied and now utilizes her talents in writing and media relations for clients. Email her at and she might just give you the recipe for a bourbon pecan tart.