Most popular blogs of 2016Over the past year, associates at Two Rivers Marketing continued to provide insights on all kinds of topics, from social media advertising to marketing to niche audiences. We told you how to protect your agency from afflictions of the ego and gave you the rundown on millennials.

While we’d like to think that all 57 of our blog posts from 2016 made their way to one of your screens, we know that life can get busy. So just in case you missed a few, here is our list of the top 12 most popular blogs from 2016.



12.  Size up the competition with a competitive content audit by Keesia Wirt 
A competitive content audit shows how your company compares to your top competitors in your content marketing efforts. We share our content scorecard to help you size up the competition.


11. Two Rivers Marketing Much more than a trophy by Two Rivers Marketing
Awards tell a story about your style, vision and what you can accomplish. We encourage a little friendly competition with our list of local and national awards for professionals in marketing, advertising and public relations.


10. Finding your inner yogi at work by Brianna Fujan 
At Two Rivers Marketing, associate health and happiness are just as important as the work we do. Brianna helps her fellow associates find their inner yogi over the lunch hour.


9. Minda Kuckuck 4 easy ways to show your company is millennial-friendly by Minda Kuckuck  
In Part 3 of our Millennial Series, we focus on some of the ways companies can successfully recruit and retain employees from a generation taking over the workforce.


8.  7 tips for hiring a freelance photographer by Ryan Johnson 
Ryan shares his best practices to ensure a successful partnership between you and a freelance photographer.



7.  How to be the youngest person on your team by Meredith Augspurger 
Meredith gives four tips for owning your role as the “newbie” and capitalizing on a green perspective.


6.How to create a content calendar so beautiful you’ll cry by Keesia Wirt
Keesia shares how to create the ultimate content marketing tool and possibly your new best friend.


5.  5 digital marketing tips to help you go the distance by Hillary Ferry 
Hillary explains why building your online presence is a marathon, not a sprint.


4. The mega-list of 2016 content conferences by Keesia Wirt 
From Portland to Prague, Keesia’s global list of content conferences presents opportunities for hands-on learning in digital marketing, social media, web design and more.


3. From pastry chef to PR exec by Meredith Augspurger 
Meredith makes a connection between her life as a pastry chef and her transition into the marketing world.


2.  15 ways you know you work at 2RM by Jessica Wardenburg 
We showcase our unique culture in this list of things 2RM’ers are sure to understand.



1. 11 social media trends to plan for in 2017 by Hillary Ferry
Our social media experts forecast trends for 2017 and their impact on this year’s social media efforts.


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