How to build the ultimate content marketing teamLast week we elected a new president. Let’s not dwell on the outcome. Instead, let’s agree that we’re all happy the campaigning is over. Among the many duties to prepare for office, the new guy gets to choose 15 Cabinet members to advise and help get stuff done.

This isn’t totally unlike the position many marketers find themselves in when they’re creating a content marketing team. If you’ve been elected your company’s content marketing strategist or head content honcho, you, too, have POTUS powers to build the ultimate content Cabinet of experts.

Choose wisely. While it may be tempting to appoint your favorite cronies who always agree with you and are sure to support your overall content marketing plan, think about the job responsibilities and different skill sets you’ll need to build the ultimate team.

Before announcing your appointments, consider these factors when building your dream content team:
• How is your marketing team structured? Does one team serve all your target audiences? Do multiple teams work independently to serve different audiences?

• In addition to the marketing team, who else could be involved in your content marketing efforts? Who else must be involved for approvals and final decisions

• What skill sets already exist on your team? In the rest of your department/company? Where are your gaps?

• How frequently does your team create content now?

• How often do you want to create and distribute content in the future?

At Two Rivers Marketing, we use a four-stage content marketing process. It helps us tackle and break down the beast of a job into more manageable steps. Looking at each stage of our process could help you determine if you have the right resources to do the work, or if there are new skill sets you need to find.

Stage 1: Plan
If you’re just starting your content marketing efforts or updating them for 2017, you’re likely answering a lot of big questions and creating the foundation for your plan. What are you trying to accomplish? What audiences are you trying to reach? What content do you already have? What are your competitors’ content marketing efforts?

Job responsibilities include: understanding the big picture and how content marketing fits into it, understanding and educating others about the target audiences, interviewing customers and internal experts, creating content personas, reviewing and organizing existing content, and reviewing and educating others about the competitors’ content marketing efforts

Skill sets needed: strategists, researchers, interviewers, designers, data analysts, auditors, and project organizers

Stage 2: Create
Next, determine how to intersect your company’s objectives and goals with the audiences’ needs and interests. What should you say? What topics should you talk about? What are your big content ideas for reaching the audiences? How can you repurpose existing content in new ways?

Job responsibilities include: creating and editing content (written, video, audio, and visual); creating and managing a content calendar; brainstorming ideas; managing content creation; enhancing content with key messages, key words, proper tone and voice, etc.

Skill sets needed: storytellers, creative brainstormers, writers, designers, videographers, project managers, editors, copy editors, and content directors

Stage 3: Amplify
Woo-hoo, you’re halfway through! You have content goals, target audience personas, content themes, key messages, a content calendar, and actual content. Now you need to publish, promote, and amplify your efforts so your content will reach the right audiences at the right time and in the right channels. How can you maximize owned, paid, and earned channels?

Job responsibilities stage include: publishing content on various owned channels and mediums; promoting content on paid and earned channels; optimizing content for search; monitoring and listening to content channels; and engaging with target audiences

Skill sets needed: media buyers/specialists, social media specialists, community managers, SEO/SEM specialists, and digital strategists

Stage 4: Measure
The final — and most crucial — stage is to measure the success of your content marketing efforts. Did it help you reach your business objectives? Can you prove the value of content marketing? How can your metrics help strengthen future content marketing efforts?

Job responsibilities include: tracking and measuring content effectiveness; identifying trends, insights, and actionable ideas based on those metrics; and providing timely reports and results to relevant teams

Skill sets needed: analytics specialists, digital strategists, media specialists, and content strategists

OK, you have the job descriptions and skill sets. Now go out there and appoint the best content Cabinet possible! These experts will help make your content marketing efforts shine, and ensure that your content reign will be remembered in the marketing books for generations.

About Keesia Wirt

Keesia, sr. content marketing strategist at Two Rivers Marketing, is a self-proclaimed content nerd. Her favorite tools include audience personas, crochet hooks, whisks, and duct tape. If you want to talk content, email her at