Celebrating social media through old-fashioned mediums


Social september: let’s kick it old schoolAll month long, Two Rivers Marketing is celebrating the art of social media. Before you scoff at the “art” label, talk to any member of our social media team. They’ll tell you that social media is like a well-composed photo or an intricate painting. Balancing extensive content calendars, ever-changing Facebook algorithms and product messaging all while maintaining a human feel? That’s a dance that takes a little practice.

In its third year, the award-winning Social September campaign is throwing it back celebrex dosage. Bingo games, retro posters, handwritten notes and even an offline Facebook-style wall are all part of the monthlong party that aims to entertain and educate. The #throwback theme calls attention to the many ways humans have communicated throughout history, including social media. The social media team at Two Rivers is inviting both associates and clients to embrace social media for the crucial communication and marketing tool it’s become in recent years.

This year, we kicked off the social media festivities at an all-agency gathering. The 2RM social team heated things up by presenting the hottest trends in the social realm today and forecasting what we can expect to see in 2017. One of those trends was augmented reality and the use of Snapchat Geofilters. Associates might get a few more bogies this year at the Annual Golf Outing if they find themselves distracted by the hidden 2RM filter located somewhere on the course.



Other events include a fireside chat where the social team will tell “horror stories” highlighting some of the most famous snafus committed by brands on social media, while associates enjoy a s’more or two. We don’t want to leave our clients out of the celebrations — we’re sending them handouts throughout the month about important social topics they can share with their team and incorporate into their planning. Social September will wrap up with an all-out trivia showdown, where associates will have the opportunity to boast about the knowledge they’ve gathered all month long.

At Two Rivers Marketing, we’re proud of our social abilities and our commitment to the role of social media in marketing today. We harken back to old mediums for inspiration to form authentic connections, and we’re also keeping an eye on the digital horizon and the latest ways to communicate our ideas. Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with all the action this month!

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