You know you're a social media manager when...


In honor of Social Media Day 2016, we’re giving you a glimpse into the mind of a social media community manager. Eight years ago, this job title didn’t even exist. Now, just about every company has someone — if not a whole team — devoted to strategizing, developing content and interacting with customers and fans on social media.

As you’ve surely noticed, social media folk think and act a little differently. We hope this list will help you understand them a little better.


1. You randomly insert hashtags into the middle of your conversations

2. You can find a meme for any situation

3. You argue with your colleagues about the correct pronunciation of GIF

4. Your moderation process includes translating acronyms

5. A mention from an influencer can completely make your day

6. Follower milestones are always a reason to celebrate

7. You’re amazed at how profanity is misspelled to skirt the language filters

8. Your idea of fun is A/B testing social ads

9. You take it personally when someone unfollows the channel you manage

10. You audit the social presence of every brand you follow on social media

11. You geek out over Facebook algorithm updates

12. You talk to people in multiple countries in one day

13. You know the creative specs and character limits for every social channel

14. You follow hashtags on Twitter while watching TV

15. People who don’t understand your job ask, “So, you’re on Facebook all day?”


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