Since Two Rivers Marketing was founded in 2000, the agency has grown and evolved. Along the way, we developed our own unique culture and personality. Here are 15 things 2RM’ers will understand.

15 ways you know you work at 2RM

1. You’re super-proud for making coffee ― and not making a mess

2. People ask if you work at Two Rivers Bank

3. You can fill in the blanks when talking to someone who gets bleeped out by passing train whistles

4. Clients on the phone can hear the train — and say they’ll call you back

5. CONEXPO is more exciting than the Oscars

6. You point out clients’ products to family and friends — air conditioners, brush chippers, skid-steer loaders, excavators — but they just smile and nod politely

7. Your caricature is either spot-on or looks absolutely nothing like you

8. You’ve been locked in the mailroom

9. You’ve plunged into freezing water, pulled an airplane, rappelled down a building or played “human hungry hippos” to raise funds for Special Olympics Iowa

10. Chocolate chip cookies can only mean one thing: Someone’s pregnant

11. You have Jimmy John’s on speed dial

12. You never go to the basement alone

13. You can’t remember the names of the conference rooms

14. Workamajig is either the greatest tool ever ― or the worst part of your day

15. You tell people your office was in the East Village before the East Village was cool

About Two Rivers Marketing

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