No matter the job — work can get stressful. We have meetings pile up, our project loads double, and we have tight deadlines to make. It’s important, however, to continue to take care of ourselves when these stressful points hit. At Two Rivers Marketing, associate health and happiness are just as important as the work we do — and creating that work-life balance atmosphere right at the office allows that happiness to come forth. At the agency we’re always looking for ways to foster that balance.

And for the next eight weeks, on every Wednesday over the lunch hour, associates enjoyed a 30-minute yoga session. These classes worked not only the body but the mind, challenging our inner yogi for a brief moment at the office.

At yoga, instead of worrying about when the next meeting will be or when the next deadline will hit, associates are allowed to focus on the present — knowing that when they get back to their desks, they’ll have a clear mind that’s ready to get back to work. Yoga also allows associates to work with coworkers outside of the traditional workspace. They’re able to meet new teammates, push each other through classes, work as a group and hold one another accountable — qualities that can be applied both in and out of the office.

A coworker once told me, “A healthy lifestyle creates a healthy mind, a healthy mind creates a healthy work life, and a healthy work life creates successful work.” Here at Two Rivers, we’re encouraged to stay healthy and active not only because it will benefit us but because it will benefit our clients as well.

Two Rivers Marketing is not only a place where we come up with genius ideas, create innovative designs, write award-winning pieces and implement top-notch work — it’s also a place for energy, reflection and refueling. The perfect work-life balance. You can find other blogs about work-life balance at our agency, here.

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