Two Rivers Marketing associate Barry Bruner was 3 years old and about to experience the movie premiere of a lifetime at a drive-in theater in Duncan, Oklahoma. We’ll let Barry tell you the story:

starwars“My dad, mom, me and my two brothers were joined by my uncle, aunt and two cousins. All nine of us piled into my mom’s Suburban. In Duncan, it was imperative that you attended the drive-in in an overly loaded SUV-type vehicle. That way you got the discount and had more money for Cokes (yes, where I’m from, every soft drink is labeled ‘Coke’) candy and popcorn.

“The reason the memory is so vivid for me is because our parents laid out blankets on top of the Suburban on the luggage section and we got to watch it from up there. Our 20-something parents stayed inside the car ― now I wonder, did they even watch the movie? Anyway, the five of us laid on our stomachs, heads resting on our hands. My dad stretched the speaker up out of his window, and my brothers, cousins and I watched one of the best movies we’ve ever seen!

“The appearance of Darth Vader sent my twin brother and me back into the car, while the other three boys braved it out up top. ‘Star Wars’ at the drive-in was, quite literally, huge!

“I remember it like it was yesterday.” ― Barry Bruner, senior group director

As a marketing agency, we could go on and on about the crazy and impressive “Star Wars” marketing blitz leading up to the new movie, which premieres on Friday, Dec. 18, but to be honest, we talk about marketing all day long. Instead, we’ve chosen to celebrate “Star Wars” Week at Two Rivers Marketing by sharing memories, collections, stories and enthusiasm about one of the greatest movie franchises ever.

We’ll post our staff stories on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the blog. We also have two “Star Wars” and marketing-themed podcasts, and a very special “Star Wars”-themed Twenty Second Tuesday. We’d love to hear your “Star Wars” stories and see your photos!

First Time at a Theater
“I am pretty sure this is the first movie that I saw as a kid. I remember my dad taking me to it and I thought the movie theater was HUGE. I loved the movie and my dad loved it more. It was a big deal when the next movies came out after that. I was always the one to join my dad at the next movies because my mom had little interest in them until they were out on VHS.” ― Heather Weaverling, media director

Leia ―Love at First Sight
“I saw ‘Star Wars’ in the theater when I was 4 years old. It was the first movie I ever went to. I remember seeing the commercials before going to it and struggling to understand what it would be like. Would the Tie Fighters actually be flying over my head, like in a play? My little brain couldn’t picture it.

“Then, I saw it. And my mind was blown. I went home and told my mom that I thought Princess Leia was so beautiful. Then I laid in bed for hours thinking about the movie because it had overstimulated my 4-year-old brain.” ― Erich Baker,

Ewok Under the Christmas Tree
“When ‘Return of the Jedi’ came out in 1983, I was 7 years old and the only kid in my elementary school with a pair of Darth Vader tennis shoes. I liked all the characters, but I fell in love with the Ewoks. There was a plush Wicket the Ewok with removable cloak in the Sears Toy Catalog that year, and he was all I could talk about. I put him on my wish list. I told the Santa at the mall about him. I told Santa at the annual Lion’s Club pancake breakfast about him. I told everyone I was getting Wicket.

“My grandma ordered him for me, but he was so popular that year that he was on back-order from Sears. Grandma started to worry when he hadn’t arrived by Dec. 23, so she made Grandpa drive her to Des Moines in a snowstorm so they could find a Wicket. After several stores and a lot of long lines, they found the last Ewok in Des Moines. (And of course, the mailman delivered the other one the next day.)

“So I got my Wicket and played with him for years. In fact, I still have him. His removable cloak is missing and one of his eyes is a little loose, but he’s still one of my all-time favorite gifts.” ― Keesia Wirt, content strategist

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