Being thankful and happyThere is a quote that says, “It is not happy people who are thankful. It is thankful people who are happy.” As an agency, we are incredibly thankful for a great deal. We have a wonderful group of associates who come in every day to serve our clients and build confidence in the work we do. Our thankfulness for them is tremendous. We are also thankful for clients who put so much trust in their agency teams, giving us the opportunity to help move their businesses forward. And when their businesses move forward, our business moves forward, too.

If you follow our blog or other social channels, you know we talk regularly about being an extension of the client’s team. Our associates are dedicated to becoming as knowledgeable and passionate about our clients’ products and services as our clients’ top salespeople would be. Sure, a lot of agencies say that — and they should because it’s paramount. It goes back to the core idea that an agency should be a partner, not simply a vendor.

We are thankful that Two Rivers Marketing clients adopt this philosophy, too. They invest in healthy, ongoing marketing communications efforts. Then, they give our agency and associates the training and tools available to help us be most effective for them. Our associates work physically and fundamentally within our agency’s culture and processes, but we are really “in it” for our clients and their businesses, and that takes an incredible amount of passion and discipline from our teams.

Why do our associates have that passion and discipline? Because since the day we were founded, we’ve said we put our associates first — and we’ve lived that mantra. Not clients first? Not the business first? Well, here’s our thought: If we truly put our associates first, they will work harder for our clients and become invaluable to them. Then, clients are confident because our teams are knowledgeable, passionate, and effective as an extension of their teams. In return, our business will do well because our clients value us as a dedicated, invested partner.

But our people don’t just hear the “associates first” phrase and stop there. Putting associates first is just the first part of the equation. Everyone at Two Rivers Marketing is empowered to do the right thing for our clients. Because we are all in this for the long haul; that’s how we look at hiring team members, and that’s how we approach any client partnership. In fact, we promote the idea, “Hire the best people, place them in positions they like, and help them grow.” This is consistent with our “associates first” philosophy, and it is a benefit to both our associates and our clients. We attract the best associates we can; we give them an opportunity to work on projects and accounts they enjoy; and we give them a career path — and the training and resources they need to grow. They put all of that to work for our clients.

Then, the final piece: happiness. We don’t want to settle for anyone being satisfied. We want our associates to be fulfilled by and proud of the work they do. We want our clients’ businesses to be successful. And we want to foster an agency-client environment where associates are thankful for the work they do and the professional opportunities they have, and where clients are thankful for the teams and individuals dedicated to their business. That’s actually the greatest achievement — when everyone involved is thankful to be part of something so successful … and when they’re happy.

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