Our agency is housed in a former parts warehouse for General Motors; the refurbished GM sign hangs above us, and the freight elevator from the 1930s still hauls our holiday decorations from the basement. It seemed like an appropriate place to call home when we were looking for larger digs.

We’re passionate about manufacturing; it’s our niche. Because our clients are leading brands across the construction, industrial, agricultural and mining industries, we have a great appreciation for manufacturing and its value to our economy.

Today is Manufacturing Day, and we’re excited about that! It’s a nationally recognized day, so what’s not to be excited about? Truthfully, it’s exciting because it allows our clients to showcase the potential of modern manufacturing and foster interest in manufacturing careers.


Spearheaded by Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International, Manufacturing Day is an effort to educate the public about the impact manufacturing has on our world with events such as facility tours (if you’ve never toured a manufacturing facility, you really should it’s eye opening), career fairs and technical presentations at locations around the country.

While a lot of Americans think that manufacturing is on the decline in our country, that simply isn’t the case. We see firsthand every day the dedication our clients have to their industries and how sophisticated their products are becoming … it’s pretty amazing.

Obviously, that’s our take, so I looked for a few facts that add a little creditability to our possibly biased view on manufacturing. Here are just a few facts from The Manufacturing Institute:

• Manufacturing accounts for 12 percent of the nation’s GDP, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis. With the addition of related industries such as agriculture, mining, utilities and construction that rely on manufactured goods, manufacturing directly impacts about one quarter of the GDP.
• The quantity of manufactured goods produced in the United States has grown by 600 percent since 1947. This is on par with overall GDP growth over the same time period.
• The United States still has the largest manufacturing sector in the world, and our market share (around 20 percent) has held steady for 30 years.
• One in six private sector jobs is within or directly tied to manufacturing, an industry that still pays premium wages and benefits and stimulates more economic activity per dollar of production than other sectors.

In addition to highlighting the continued strength of the industry, a major goal of Manufacturing Day is to inspire the next generation of manufacturers by showing them firsthand how the industry has changed since the days when our office housed GM. The workforce has evolved to include highly educated engineers and technicians, and innovation is valued and encouraged.

We support Manufacturing Day at Two Rivers because we recognize the need for young, talented professionals that will shape the future of the manufacturing industry, our clients and our agency.

About Nathan Huss

After a career in higher education marketing, Two Rivers Marketing Public Relations Director Nathan Huss shifted gears to B2B public relations in 2009. Just as he’s always looking for new trails to bike, he’s also looking for new and exciting ways to help his clients communicate with their audiences. He expertly pedals between strategy, trade shows, media relations and social media. Spin Nathan an email at nathanh@2rm.com.