Advertising Planning season is just around the corner, when media teams will begin to sit down to develop strategic media campaigns. For the campaign, we first focus on the client goals, objectives and budgets for the year. As we work to create integrated and well-rounded campaigns, we must fully understand the customer. User habits continue to change and as media buyer/planners we have to continue to think outside the box to bring the message to the target audience.

In order to become the experts on our audience, we must put ourselves in the customer’s shoes. We are living in a multi-screen world, where it’s normal to have the TV on while reading on a tablet with a cell phone sitting next to you. Each person consumes media on a daily basis from multiple platforms Go Here. A person can cross from broadcast television to different social networks to their favorite website for their news, sports, entertainment and business information. As marketers we need to remember that our customers are not only going to industry sites but also other sites that may not be directly relevant to the particular industry they are interested in. Media placements must work to capture the audience throughout their day — ad placements could reach users while they are listening to Pandora on their way to work, driving past a billboard en route to the grocery store or watching the news when they get home for the day. Consumers are constantly being targeted, and breaking through that clutter is the key to any media plan.

Creating personas for your customer base will help with overall marketing efforts as well as be a valuable asset to the media team. If personas are built prior to planning, a media campaign can be specifically targeted to these different types of customers. The media team can research the best possible placements to reach the audience and capture their attention.

Businesses should also understand the data they currently have. How are you communicating with the customers you have data for? Are you providing them with information they want to hear from you? Have you provided new and interesting information? The data you already have can be a good starting point with any message or campaign. You can use it to send emails, and direct mail, conduct a customer survey, and more.

Once the media team has a clear understanding of the customer and data currently available, it’s time to start building an integrated media plan. Within this plan, multiple media tactics will be outlined to best reach the target audience at the right cost. As with any plan, we recommend testing the creative and message to see how the customer engages and reacts to it. These results will help with analysis throughout the campaign and ultimately aid in future planning.

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