Marketing4theFutureTwo Rivers Marketing recently held our annual “Marketing for the Future” event. It’s similar to the traditional Bring Your Kid to Work day — but we like to add a twist. Instead of shadowing their parents and following them around tiredly, kids were given the opportunity to actually experience what their parents do at work on a daily basis.

We wanted to make this activity fun, educational and memorable — and what better way to do that than let their imaginations fly? Last year, kids created branding for a new professional dodgeball team and pitched their ideas to the team owners. This year, we gave them a new challenge: Market an everyday item.

We split the kids up into groups and gave each team a different item — toilet paper, plastic forks, paper clips and red plastic cups. Each team had to come up with a unique way to use and sell its product. The goal was to be original, creative and most of all, persuasive. Not only did these kids have to dream up an idea of how to use these typical items in a new and practical way, but they also had to do all of the marketing behind it. That included the name, logo, presentation and their favorite part: a video.

Working with the kids and seeing all of their ideas come to life was such a neat experience. They were all so determined — creative — and imaginative. No idea was a bad idea. There was no questioning whether or not their idea was too big — anything was possible. Together, they worked hard for the two full hours to create an idea that they could proudly sell to their parents, peers and friends. The kids were focused and persistent when it came to developing a product within the short amount of time that they were given. At the end of the day, each team produced a product and video that they were all truly proud of.

Spending time with these kids for half a day reminded me of how great the marketing industry is, and how lucky we are to have a job where our
inner child can run free. We’re all able to constantly come up with fun, new and creative ideas. We get to work with other inspiring people who help make our own ideas even better, until we ultimately get that product, brochure, article, ad, magazine or video that we are all proud of.

We encourage our own associate to come into work with the same excitement and persistence as those kids. Because if you do, you’ll be unstoppable.

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