Monthly archives for July, 2015

Kids create commercials for new products in marketing challenge

Two Rivers Marketing recently held our annual “Marketing for the Future” event. It’s similar to the traditional Bring Your Kid to... Read more>>

Mass communication, merit badges and mosquitoes

Nestled among the tall trees and a nearby lake in northwestern Minnesota is a Boy Scout camp called Many Point Scout Camp, where scouts... Read more>>

Simple steps for B2B companies to create brand fanatics

I’ve been a member of Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI) for about 20 years now, even though I have never lived in a city with an REI... Read more>>

Clash of the Titans: Video Hosting Edition

What does Medusa — the snake-haired Gorgon monster of Greek mythology fame — have in common with Facebook’s search algorithm? Why,... Read more>>

The rise and fall of the QR code

Over 20 years ago, someone in Japan created a two-dimensional bar code. It was a revelation. It could hold more information than a... Read more>>