Marketing content conferencesIn mid-May, a colleague and I drove north to the great city of Minneapolis to attend Confab Central — the premier content strategy conference covering all things content: topics, trends, creation, delivery and governance.

Confab Central was hands down one of the best conferences I’ve attended, but probably not for the reasons you might expect. Sure, the pages of notes and lists of ideas are evidence of the valuable takeaways I can directly apply to my work. But there are equally as many benefits of attending a “work” conference that have nothing — and yet everything — to do with how well we do our jobs. Here are three intangible reasons for attending a work-related conference.

1. The Comic-Con of your career
More often than I’d like to admit, I find myself trying to explain exactly “what I do for a living.” My family and friends work in vastly different occupations from my own. My husband is a claims manager. My mom is a retired county employee. The list goes on. My point? On occasion, it’s nice to be with “your people.” Those wonderful individuals who geek out over writing bites, snacks and meals, and enjoy talking about their content management system.

The right content conference can feel like the Comic-Con of your career — a gathering of like-minded folks in a celebration of all things content without fear of eyes glazing over or someone saying, “I thought you were in advertising.”

2. Breaking the cycle
When we take time to step away from our desks and leave the office behind, we’re reminded that there is a world full of interesting people, ideas, activities and places to explore. Attending a conference allows you to break free of status calls, deadlines, presentations and daily tasks that can lead to tunnel vision of projects and priorities. Widen the scope by meeting up with others who can offer a fresh perspective or share a proven approach, even if the industry is different. Confab Central was a refreshing conglomeration of insurance marketers, start-up strategists, user-experience specialists, consultants and agency worker bees like me.

3. Getting inspired
Being with like-minded individuals and sharing new perspectives has a way of brightening your outlook. It brings excitement back to your work. You become inspired. Like a child who learned a new fact in school, you can’t wait to share your newfound wisdom with others. My colleague and I chose to divide and conquer all that Confab had to offer by attending separate work sessions. At breaks we met up to share a new nugget of information or a different approach to try upon returning to the office — and stake out the snacks and sodas. We were inspired — and hungry — but most of all, we were having fun.

So get inspired, break the cycle and find the Comic-Con of your career by attending a work conference. Find more great takeaways from Confab Central 2015 @ConfabEvents.

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Jamie Jackson, public relations supervisor at Two Rivers Marketing, has always had a passion for writing — fueled by her fear of math. After a career in journalism, she eventually joined Two Rivers Marketing where she spends her day happily immersed in a world of words. When Jamie isn’t writing at the agency, she divides her time between hanging out with her family, cheering on her favorite sports teams, and adding new recipes to her cooking repertoire. Sum up your thoughts in a message to Jamie at