Man press video play button “Hey, let’s put together a promotional video and tell the world about the company through our YouTube channel!” Sounds like a straightforward statement and a great idea in this day and age of owned social media platforms — but the idea of creating a video and posting it on YouTube is just the beginning.

There is so much more to creating a promotional video than just grabbing a camera and rolling. A project like this requires much forethought and planning. Some tips to think about:

1. What is the story to be told? Don’t get caught up in saying we do this, that, and the other thing when you should be telling a story of why — why we do what we do, why our people work for us, and why the audience should use or buy from us.
2. Ask yourself, “Is the promo video communicating what our company wants to say — or what our customers need to hear?” We tend to think about what we want to hear or what we think is important, when in reality we must understand what our audience cares about, and then deliver messages that promote our understanding of their needs!
3. What are the visuals? A talking head will not win new customers. A poorly shot video does not help tell your organization’s promotional story.
4. And don’t forget the audio. Great visuals coupled with hard-to-hear or bad audio is a quick way to make an audience turn away. How will you capture sound?
5. Storyboard the idea. When dealing with internal and external stakeholders, utilizing a storyboard is the most effective way to convey what the video will look like and obtain buy-in. At the very least create an outline that shows the video flow.
6. Seek professional videographers. More and more folks claim to be visual storytellers. See the proof in the work done before. If the examples provided by the company you’re looking at don’t move you — your video won’t move your audiences. Look for a group that knows how to tell a story.
7. Do a practice run for the people that will be a part of the video. Unless you spend your time in front of a camera, you should have subjects practice in a mock interview setting.
8. During the edit, don’t try to fit it all in. One to three messages — that’s it! Go back to the second point in this list. Have the discipline to cut out parts when necessary to be concise.
9. Length is everything. Two minutes — no more. The shorter and more concise, the better.
10. Use it, promote it, and tease the promo video! YouTube is just the start. Facebook and Instagram are places to consider promoting your video.

The case for producing a promotional video has never been better. You own the channels. The audience is there — and they expect to hear from you. Coupled with an overall content strategy, producing a promotional video could be a win-win for your company and your audience.

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