3 easy steps for creating your best work Two Rivers Marketing was recently recognized by the American Advertising Federation of Des Moines at the American Advertising Awards, where we received not only a Gold Award in the Cross Platform category, but also Best of Show. This was this team’s first American Advertising Awards Best of Show, so it got us thinking, “What differentiated this campaign from all the others we’ve done over the years?” It boils down to three things: research, risk and fun. Read more >> The state of social media advertising in 2016 The evolution of social media is evident in the proliferation of its usage amongst brands and users alike. At the forefront of the social evolution is social advertising, which continues to advance not only in adoption but also innovation, and at rocket’s pace. According to new figures from eMarketer, advertisers worldwide will spend nearly $30 billion on social advertising in 2016. By 2017, social network ad spending is forecasted to reach $35.98 billion, representing 16 percent of all digital advertising. Read more >> Get the balance right: The benefits of being full-service Whether a project starts with a big idea and is pulled through to execution, or starts as more of a “task” and is enhanced by some critical thinking, finding the right balance and the best approach takes skill. Explore a variety of options, think through a problem from various angles or perspectives to arrive at the best solution. Try things out, whether a strategy or creative layout or turn of a phrase, to land on something that works best. Read more >> How Super Bowl commercials leave a lasting impact after the game Advertisers at Super Bowl 50 continued to show that they are determined to get better each year, harnessing the professional quality of movies in the prized 30-second TV spot. But beyond the celebrities and product launches, successful ads still rely on certain aspects of advertising — creative, messaging and social media impact. Read more >> Much more than a trophy Applying for awards is the perfect way to show off your innovative design or strategy on a project and put yourself or your business out in front of potential clients or employees. Awards tell a story about your style, vision and what you can accomplish. And when you win awards it boosts morale, and employees will continue to push themselves to a higher standard. But first you have to apply! So go ahead and show off a little. Read more >> How to become more strategic at trade shows

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