Let’s Build Something Together. More than likely you’ve heard that slogan before, and if their marketing efforts are effective you probably associated it with Lowe’s. I like the thought of building something, maybe it’s because I enjoy tinkering, rebuilding things and home improvement projects. Maybe it’s because I like seeing my vision come to life or because I just can’t call it a day until something is complete. No matter what it might be, let’s build something resonates with me.

We work with clients that build things, and those things are building everything around each and every one of us — think infrastructure. I think that is pretty damn cool! While we’re not helping our clients build their physical products, we are helping them build their brands. Our work might entail developing a brand identity, implementing an integrated marketing strategy, creating PR campaigns, building social media networks or all of those things and much more. No matter what our clients’ needs are, we work to build a strategic partnership that lasts.

In fact, the longevity of our relationships and our dedication to our clients have led to tremendous growth for our agency. The agency currently stands at around 110 associates, which is pretty impressive when you think about the 14 brave souls who took a chance nearly 15 years ago to launch Two Rivers Marketing.

Due to that growth we’ve had some conversations about how we maintain a healthy work environment that enables us to continue providing the level of service our clients have come to expect. Our decision … let’s building something!

We just completed a pretty big renovation to our offices, a former GM parts warehouse, to ensure our associates have the space they need to provide our clients with the best service possible. Our undertaking has added much needed meeting room space, a pretty sweet kitchen, social areas, a video production area, and more work spaces that allow our teams the ability to grow. It’s been pretty rad watching this undertaking come to fruition for someone who likes to build things, so I thought I’d share a sneak peek.

We look forward to sharing our new space with our clients when they visit. I think it will be clear to everyone who does, our expansion enables us to continue building a diverse team of professionals that dedicate themselves to our clients.

Let’s Build Something Together … are you ready? If you are, I know a team that is ready to get to work.

About Nathan Huss

After a career in higher education marketing, Two Rivers Marketing Public Relations Director Nathan Huss shifted gears to B2B public relations in 2009. Just as he’s always looking for new trails to bike, he’s also looking for new and exciting ways to help his clients communicate with their audiences. He expertly pedals between strategy, trade shows, media relations and social media. Spin Nathan an email at nathanh@2rm.com.