Hate it or love it, social media plays a different role for each person, company and organization. Some fully embrace social media, while others are slow to adopt it. One reason for the slow adoption is lack of understanding. Why — and how — should you implement a social media strategy if you’re unsure where to start — or what benefit it provides for you and your business?

This lack of understanding was the root of our month-long social media campaign, called Social September. Our objective was to educate and engage our 100 associates on various social channels. If successful, Social September would benefit:
1. Our associates — by helping them start to develop a personal brand online.
2. Our clients — because associates can then provide them with more firsthand knowledge and experience on social media.
3. Our agency — by turning our associates into brand advocates (people who promote your brand), ultimately garnering more visibility for Two Rivers Marketing.

All month, we hosted various activities to get associates involved such as a launch party, lunch ’n’ learns, weekly contests for different social channels and, of course, prizes. A large display hanging in the office was impossible to miss. The monitor rotated to each social channel to show our recent activity, played our YouTube videos and spotlighted associates’ LinkedIn profiles. Social September even had its own campaign hashtag — #postresponsibly — which was our tongue-in-cheek way of encouraging associates to be social and smart at the same time.

Social September just wrapped up a few days ago, on October 3 — and we already have some encouraging results. Here they are, by the numbers:
• 146 new Two Rivers Marketing Facebook page likes
• 124 views of Social September video on YouTube
• 116 clicks on Social September launch blog post
• 80% associate participation
• 75 attended lunch ’n’ learns
• 65 prizes won
• 35 #postresponsibly tweets

What’s next?
Social September may be over, but the results will continue to come to fruition over the coming months as associates keep leveraging social media and as clients begin to see our expanded knowledge and experience of the various channels. We’re committed to helping our associates and clients “be social” and #postresponsibly.

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