The beginning
When I started my studies in Germany, it was totally clear to me that I wanted to spend a semester abroad. I chose a course of study called “Media: Conception & Production,” which includes this semester in the United States. I had the choice between going to a foreign university and doing an internship at a foreign company. My big dream was to gain working experience in the United States, and due to lucky circumstances I heard about Two Rivers Marketing, which seemed to be a perfect opportunity for me. To cut a long story short: I applied at Two Rivers, had an interview and fortunately got the internship! And after a long visa process, which is unavoidable for non-U.S. residents, I finally arrived in Des Moines three weeks ago.

Professional expectations
The main reason I wanted to work for Two Rivers Marketing is that I have never worked at an international full-service agency like this, and I am more than curious about the process here. In the past, I apprenticed at a film and video production company in Germany and interned in social media at a small holiday rental agency in Spain. At Two Rivers Marketing I hope to get a better understanding and insight into the relationships between social media, video production, marketing and public relations. I am convinced I will learn about the whole workflow — from the client inquiry to the final product. During my first days I got a lot of firsthand information from associates who are working in very different fields and, to be honest, I’m very impressed with the high range of responsibilities. Most of all I would like to start working in almost every area at the same time. It’s very exciting to know that I’ll get the chance to become a part of the great Two Rivers Marketing team.

Furthermore, it will definitely be very interesting to gain insight into the American growth market and experience the daily working routine at an American company. And a practical side effect of my whole stay is the doubtless improvement of my (business) English skills, which have high importance in Germany (and Europe).

Personal experience
Other aspects of my travel are, of course, the country, the people and the culture. I’m happy to have the experience of my semester abroad in Des Moines because it is an American city of medium size without the mass tourism of Los Angeles, Las Vegas or other famous metropolises. Des Moines is a beautiful city in the middle of Iowa where I can familiarize myself with the typical American life. But nevertheless I plan to travel and visit some cities: Chicago, which is very close to Des Moines, San Francisco, to escape from the cold weather in November and last but not least, New York in December, which is definitely on top of my places-to-visit list. I don’t know when I will have the chance to visit the United States again, so I absolutely want to make the most of my time here.

I’m pretty sure this internship and my time in the U.S. will be an awesome experience, will create lifelong memories — and will be more than helpful for my professional and personal future.

About Alice Schröer

Alice Schröer came to Two Rivers Marketing from the University of Applied Sciences in Wiesbaden, Germany, where she studied marketing. She spent a semester in the U.S. learning about the industry and our culture. During her internship with Two Rivers, she wrote a few blog posts about her experiences.