Graphic of a robot with pencils with AI on chest

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, where attention spans are dwindling and competition for engagement is fierce, the role of copywriting has become more critical than ever for businesses. Crafting compelling and persuasive messages that resonate with a target audience requires creativity, precision, and an understanding of consumer behavior. To enhance their copywriting capabilities and stay ahead of the curve, many advertising agencies, including our own, have begun harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI).

In fact, AI helped write the entire paragraph you just read. Pretty cool, right? Before we tell you all the ways Two Rivers uses AI to enhance our copywriting processes, let’s dive into how AI-generated copy works.


AI-powered tools like ChatGPT can generate many types of content in an instant, from long-form blog posts to social media captions. These tools write copy by using a technique known as natural language processing (NLP). This involves training models on large amounts of text data to learn patterns and relationships between words, phrases, and sentences. These platforms typically generate copy based on the information and prompts you provide. In some instances, you can even give details on the tone of voice, writing style, audience, and industry to help ensure that the generated content aligns with your brand identity.


Currently, AI plays a supporting role in our copywriting and content processes. For example, in the early stages of concept creation, we use AI-powered tools to brainstorm ideas. On a more granular level, we’re using AI to enhance our process for generating interesting email subject lines, drafting engaging social media posts, and producing effective copy options for Google Ads. While these tools have proven to be valuable in helping us save time and kick-start our creativity, we’ve found that there’s still a critical need for human intervention.


Sure, AI is great at assisting with idea generation, but there are some things it has yet to master. At our agency, we go beyond just utilizing AI-driven tools. Our experienced team of writers possess an in-depth understanding of your business and audiences, which is crucial in creating compelling copy.

While these tools have proven to be valuable in helping us save time and kick-start our creativity, we’ve found that there’s still a critical need for human intervention.

They play a pivotal role in fine-tuning the content, fact-checking information, and adding the special spark that elevates the work to a higher level. What we get out of AI, at least at this point, isn’t production-ready. It still requires that human touch.

So, ignore the doom and gloom articles warning that copywriting is dead. AI is not the end. Rather, it’s a starting point.


At our agency, we view AI as a powerful collaborator. We recognize its potential impact on our work and the industry as a whole. That’s why we’ve formed an AI task force and prioritized AI training for our associates. As we look ahead, we envision the possibility of expanding our use of AI to assist with more substantial content. But for now, we’ll continue to experiment with these tools to identify opportunities as well as shortcomings. By doing so, we aim to enhance our capabilities and maintain a proactive approach in delivering the most effective and tailored solutions for your specific needs.

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