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A Day in the Life of Strategic Communications Supervisor Meredith Pierick

Meredith Pierick

Meredith Pierick
Jul 27, 2022

Graphic of a day in the life of a strategic communications specialist.

This month, we’re peeking into a day in the life of Meredith Pierick, one of our strategic communications supervisors.

Comic strip of Meredith Pierick drinking coffee and playing with twin toddlers

My day starts around 5:30 each morning with a cup of coffee before my twin toddlers wake up.

When I get the boys situated with their childcare for the day, it’s time to get to work. And time for more coffee.

Comic strip of Meredith Pierick working on a computer with to do lists and managing a large calendar

A Strat Comm team member’s best friend is an organized To Do list. I make sure mine is up to date before I dive into any of the day’s tasks.

Once I have my plan for the day, I’ll have a few meetings to connect with my fellow 2RMers and my clients on current and future projects.

Comic strip of Meredith Pierick writing social post copy, walking outside with a drink and chatting with coworkers

Writing is at the heart of everything Strat Comm does. In between internal and client status meetings, I’ll work on various writing projects for our clients, including press releases, blogs, social copy, talking points, presentations, and whatever else they may need. Today, I’m wrapping up a few product launch press releases.

Lunch break! During lunch, I’ll go for a walk around the beautiful East Village, grab an iced coffee, and catch up on news and industry trends.

After lunch, it’s time to work on the “strategy” part of my Strategic Communications role. Whether it's annual planning or consulting on product launches, helping our clients set their strategy is my favorite part of the job.

Comic strip of Meredith Pierick talking with a coworker, playing outside with her family and cooking

With 5 p.m. inching closer, I make sure all client requests are wrapped up and the rest of the team has what they need before logging off.

When I get home, my husband and I spend time playing outside with the twins playing if it’s nice.

My favorite way to unwind after a long workday is to turn on some music and cook a nice meal with a glass of wine in hand. Then, it’s lights out to rest up for another busy day!

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Meredith Pierick
Get to know Meredith

Meredith Pierick is a strategic communications supervisor who is always chasing her love of writing. When not using her public relations and content creation skills to help 2RM clients reach their audiences in new and creative ways, Meredith tries to keep up with her three-year-old twin boys while exploring all Des Moines has to offer with her husband Matt.